Friday, September 14, 2012


"KHARTOUM (Reuters) - Sudanese demonstrators broke into the German embassy in Khartoum on Friday, raising an Islamic flag and setting the building on fire in a protest against a film that demeaned the Prophet Mohammad, witnesses said. Police had earlier fired tear gas to try to disperse some 5,000 protesters who had ringed the German embassy and nearby British mission. But a Reuters witness said policemen just stood by when the crowd forced its way into Germany's mission. Demonstrators hoisted a black Islamic flag saying in white letters "there is no God but God and Mohammed is his prophet". ...

 " Islamic fundamentalists in Benghazi Libya killed four US Consulate personal, on the same justification.  About a film in another country, ostensibly insulting Mohammed this week.  This is religion by intimidation and fear."

  The DEBATE in Belize is about prostylizers allowed to intimidate people with their brand of Jesus fundamentalism, for various cults and churches.  Using the local media, to spread the lies of the many human engineered,organized religions, used for political power and to make money. There have been tens of thousands of different religions through the history of  humanity, trying to explain the mysteries of life and why we exist.  Many people need the crutch of a religion, to deal with their difficult daily life ordeals.
  Most religions, but not all, have some sort of holy book.  In the case of Belize it is the Bible, old and new testaments, which choice selected passages are quoted for justifying the prostylizer, the right to tell people what GOD wants.  It is only a book, compiled and written of fables, histories and myth of fireside tales told by ignorant people centuries, or thousands of years ago. Some from the Sumerians and others from the Jews.  No more valid then, in a more ignorant time, than today, when we should know better.  In the case of the Muslims currently using their Holy Book, the Quaran, it tells people to kill unbelievers.  Indeed, the Bible for Christians has caused tens of thousands to be burned at the stake, or hung, as well, or killed by the sword.  People tend to pick out from contradictory messages of old time tales, in their holy books, the justifications validating their goal of local fame, politicial power and ultimately give them a special edge in making money through religious taxes, and to sway those of humanity that need to feel there is more reason to their life, than what they experience. The Jews, have five holy books, the main one being the TORAH.  This book should shake you in your boots with fear. The Jews have the right to use any other people, outside their religion as cattle, or animals to be led to the slaughter.  Pretty much the same with the Christian and Muslim religious holy books.  The Mormons have their own holy book and the orthodox Mormons in Utah and Arizona, use the chapter of Revelations, selected messages, that justify polygamy as a marriage system.  No harm in that, as long as they do not prostylize it to other people.  How about the GOD Kali, do you know of the deadly religious rites used to kill people in the worship of the God Kali?  I could go on.
  In modern times, just the last 100 years, many nations have moved to separate religion and government from each other. In the last 30 years in Belize it has seen here, the breaking of the Catholic domination of the public government.  Nowadays Belize is plagued by a newer evangelical bunch of religious promoters, claiming to tell you what GOD wants.  Before that, under the Divine Right of Kings or Queens, that claimed to be the earthly representative of GOD. They still do; in fact Belize has such a Queen over in England.  In the ARAB Muslim world Caliphs, this title which is much the same as a King, justified their right to rule in a police state dictatorship, because they traced their geneology back to Mohammed, some 700 or so years ago. These Caliphs, or Kings in the Arab world have gone out of style recently, and in some Arab countries they have Kings now, or Presidents, but still dictatorships, controlled by terror, torture and the police state.
  Belize currently belongs to those more advanced modern states, that separates religion and politics in government. We call this SECULAR government.  In modern politics, in which votes count, catering to special interests, or religious groups is part of any politicians life.  It is votes that count, and if a religion is organized strongly, they control and influence votes in the regular elections.  We cannot in Belize be allowed to revert back to Feudal times, even if we have such a Queen in England, who is God's representative on Earth, according to them ( of course ).
  Religious fanatics are religious fanatics, and it doesn't really matter which human engineered religion you use, such fanatics actively prostylizing in Belize are dangerous to the secular government we enjoy, which rules by LAWS and not by con men, swindlers, liars and cheats using religious fears and myths, claiming to speak in the name of God. They prey on the gullible and if they are good charismatic cult type articulate speakers, tend to sway not only adults, but also prey on the next generation as children, when the brain is most formative learning how the world works.  You can tell a FALSE RELIGION and false prophets,  because they have a holy book of some sort, or perhaps more than one.  Used to justify how they wish to control you.  Without being able to speak for GOD, without referencing the rules from a holy book, in quotes, is a sure sign of a criminal, or demented person with evil intentions.  The conversation with GOD is a very personal experience. It is one on one only !
   We should protect our SECULAR government, in which we allow ALL RELIGIONS to exist. But rule by LAWS, not by religions.  Some people need religion as a crutch to get through life travails.

  The DEBATE should be not about which religion dominates, in Belize, but how to control the prostylizing of any would be cult leader, promoting a special religion in the public media.  I think you should license and tax them too!  But that is just my opinion.
  Bhuddism is a  better and less violent religion than Christianity, as comparative religions go. Just an example, not a recommendation.


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