Saturday, August 8, 2009

Belize Ambulence system are simply taxis without equipment or paramedics!

* This is one of the better ones. We have some very small narrow ones as well in the Western Government Hospital.


A recent newspaper article of an accident scene on the Northern Highway, in which 5 USA visiting registered nurses gave assistance, revealed that Belize Ambulances were nothing more than taxi vans. This came as a shock to Belizean readers around the country. It was apparent, there were no defibrillators, I.V bags, or trained paramedics involved with Belizean ambulances.
Unlike what we see on foreign television movies, the ambulances in Belize are typical of our medical system. They are just for carrying freight, an injured person, trying to find a doctor in the nearest hospital around the country. Usually KMH over in the port of Belize City. The government cash shortage is hurting us modernize. Even the hospitals do not have enough doctors. There has always been a shortage of nurses, but doctors as well? If it was not for the CUBAN MEDICAL ASSISTANCE personnel, we would practically have no medical system at all in the country of Belize. Something to think about! No sense with wishful thinking, we have what we can afford and that is the end of it.

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