Thursday, August 6, 2009

Too late to get rid of Chavez and rescue Venezuela?

* Two battalions of Russian tanks on order to keep the civilian poor population in control and servitude for the future of Communist Venezuela.
* Chavez with military preparing for revolution and tighter communism in Venezuela


34 Independent radio stations in Venezuela have been seized by the Chavez Venezuelan State Government, August 3rd, 2009, and these BOURGOISE are out of business. If this is similar to what happened in Havana, in the New Years of 1959 – 60, which I witnessed first hand, that means the trucks came and carted away all the furniture, chairs, tables, filing cabinets, typewriters, radio transmitters, computers, microphones and speakers. I saw it in Vienna in 1945 through 1948 by the Russians also.
Sometime soon, Chavez is consolidating his position as EGO-MANIAC, EMPEROR, DICTATOR and removing all his political opposition. The next step will be seizure of all buildings, offices and houses as State Property. Probably in a decree of some kind? The bourgoise ( lower middle class ) will be fleeing Venezuela in the millions soon! This must be why Chavez has an order in, for two battalions of tanks with Russia? He needs tanks to stop a revolution by the poor on the highways as checkpoints and in major street junctions in Caracas and other larger cities, when he tightens the screws on the State Dictatorship and makes everybody a SLAVE of the state system. Under the CUBAN system, EVERYBODY, but the leaders MUST BE MADE EQUALLY POOR. Ownership of nothing allowed. Or very little. Venezuela is doomed! Fictional elections, a charade in using democratic titles. Poor Venezuelans. The country has a one crop economy – OIL. Like Cuba, Venezuela cannot feed itself and what little is happening now will quickly decline. Big market in Venezuela for food soon. When you take away property ownership and the incentive of profit for bettering one self, material possessions and life style, the society is doomed as Eastern Europe showed
One can only wonder at the EGO, the power mad drive, that makes one individual, destroy your own country using misguided theories of Marx and Lenin that were proven wrong 50 years ago. I guess certain people NEVER learn from history, or there must be something in the genes that puts EGO and the LUST FOR ABSOLUTE POWER above common sense? A lot of people are going to be brutalized and murdered in Venezuela over the next decade, this is obvious from history. Throughout the ALBA countries those numbers of dead victims are going to be several millions it sure looks like, if history is any teacher? It’s a shame, because a lot of poverty program ideas are good, but could be done without the claptrap of total state domination and ownership of everybody and everything. Chavez doesn’t need totalitarian power to do poverty programs. Just do them in an ordinary government. Venezuelans will NEVER be able to get rid of Chavez now. It is already too late!

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