Monday, August 24, 2009

Venezuelan ALBA Federation making WAR on Latin Democracies.

*** Latin Dictator for Life - TYRANTS CLUB.


(Published in Belize!)

ALBA the Venezuelan controlled Federation promoting an old ideological theory of LENIN, against that of the DEMOCRACIES, which practice CAPITALISM is sure to heat up in the Americas. Lots of sociological studies have disproven statistically and empirically; that HUGO CHAVEZ, Correa, Evo Morales, Ortega, Kirschner and others are wrong in an empirical sense.
Lenin’s theory was that Imperialism was the highest STAGE of Capitalism, which has long since been discredited, by India, China, South Korea, Japan, Russia and other East European countries. Lenin’s theory was that a socialist DICTATORSHIP could create a Communist Party on behalf of the working class, by taking over a capitalist society in elections and transform into a monolithic world dictatorship. In the case of HUGO CHAVEZ his first ambition is to control the American Continent in such a closed system. He calls it his BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION. Though BOLIVAR had little or nothing to do with the ideas of CHAVEZ and his friends. The only thing valid about Lenin’s theory today, is that would be DICTATORS see the socialist/communist system as a method to become ‘TYRANTS for life’. Fighting poverty we now know, democracy does a better job. The LUST FOR ABSOLUTE POWER has replaced an idealism espoused in the propaganda of the ALBA dictatorial Presidents for Life, which talk the talk, of helping the poor, using a socialist monopoly under dictatorship. In reality all these leftist leaders are doing, are destroying their countries in return for the EGO trip of being an absolute MONARCH, like any KING, Royalty, Emperor, Ayatollah, Czar or by any other name. There have been reams of sociological studies in the recent 40 years, on the effects of socialism as an idealogy and the supposed effects of Capitalism and Imperialism on the Global Economy. The idea behind LENIN and CHAVEZ and his friends, is that by being dictators, they can close their borders, discourage foreign investors, enslave their citizens into bureaucratic job systems, and thus develop autonomously as world competitive countries and societies. The statistical evidence constantly on-going, is proving the dead LENIN and HUGO CHAVEZ wrong.
LENIN wrote his theory, or thesis, at a time when Imperialism and Feudal monarchies did colonize the world. ( 1916 ) Industrial Robber Barons did create monopolies. Since that time of LENIN though, the democracies have established a lot of controls on industries, capitalism, and through taxation, and pulls out enough taxes to do the poverty fighting infra-structure only dreamed of by LENIN.
Another factor in raising the level of previous poor countries has been the ever increasing changes caused by technology. Which was only just starting in LENIN’s day and was not included in his theory.
The more recent statistical and sociological studies show that while major large countries still are major dominant players, that countries like Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and once Rhodesia have long since proven that economies tend to merge with trade. That the poor countries actually improve their standard of living. Most kids in Guatemala and Honduras these days have their own personal cell phones, even though they may live in a thatch hut and with a dirt floor, in typical tropical rural lifestyle. There is a refrigerator in that shack and a television. That indeed the exchange of ideas and trade, raises up economically those previous poverty ridden, third world countries. Indeed many previously third world countries are now on a fair playing field, only limited by population and geographic size of their home markets. For instance HONDA and TOYOTA, NISSAN and others have penetrated the massive USA mainland with their industry and technology to carve out world markets, both in the USA and other International markets. Not counting all the newer technologies which come out of places in electronics and computers, like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China and India. New technologies are leveling the world playing field economically. The little THIRD WORLD “( David ) companies are actually beating the giant GOLIATH companies in many fields of commerce. LENIN never forsaw this development when he made his THEORY, followed today mistakenly, by CHAVEZ and his fellow ALBA dictators of today.
The recent financial crash around the world in 2008, is a good example. Used by the communist socialist, without studying the statistics and empirical evidence, the doomsayers say this is the end. It sure makes good communist propaganda for illiterate citizens in Venezuela, Bolivia, or Ecuador. Especially when you eliminate opposition radio, newspapers and television stations in dictatorial censorship, like Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela. History shows statistically that closed socialist societies in the past 70 years have had inside their societies, macroeconomic financial crisis situations, at a rate of 59 to 1 for the greater success of open societies, dealing with such things.
Closed economies failed at a rate of 16 times more than open economies did. The flow of technological knowledge is two way today, around the world. Innovation and invention is no longer the domain of just major economies. Local politics can make a mess of things. Jamaica is an example, a major country in CARICOM. The government of the day simply could not manage the country within their tax resources. Basically, administrative and political incompetence. So they are selling off everything they own and finally they are going to the IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) for management help. Jamaica did seek assistance from Venezuela and ALBA recently, and for whatever reasons, the decision has been made to go to the IMF. ZIMBABWE is a bad example of what can happen because of racial politics. Inherently that country is capable of feeding Africa, but today millions die of starvation in ZIMBABWE. Triple digit inflation is often the result of poor political management. ALL CARICOM countries pretty much face the same problems. How to control the size of government within the money that is available from taxation. Some are better at it than others. Ours in Belize are not doing too good either. Yet we are better off than most other CARICOM countries. Mostly because of our greater size and our better orientated educational system, which has diverged from the Eastern Caribbean into something more pragmatic and economically useful to Belize.
Many sociologists and economists say today, the previously poor third world nations are exploiting the developed FIRST WORLD nations. I would tend to agree with that, indeed our writings on this BLOG newsletter, “WESTERN BELIZE HAPPENINGS” is all about competing and exploiting bigger nations and their economies, by poor liddle bitty BELIZE, from a niche brand competitive viewpoint. The shoe is on the other foot today, mostly because of technological developments making the playing field level. The controlling factor in the growing of our Belize economy is political. Joining ALBA would destroy the Belize we know and make us very poor and destitute. Chavez and his Presidential hopeful ‘DICTATORS for LIFE’ aspirants are simply in it for their EGO”s and the lust for ABSOLUTE POWER in a police type state. Marxist-Leninist socialist philosophy collapsed for very good reasons and CAPITALISM with all it’s pimples, warts and boils, is still more adaptive to the rising needs of the population standard of living, level. It seems exceedingly strange to hear of the ALBA ‘Presidents for Life’ CLUB touting the establishment of a new circle of closed economies, socialist dictatorships and state bureaucratic socialism for the AMERICAS, reverting back to failed historical GREAT EXPERIMENTS. All the old socialist societies are busy converting to democratic political capitalism and change your leaders every three to four years. Are they just dimwits in ALBA, or is their LUST FOR ABSOLUTE POWER so high, they don’t care?

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