Saturday, August 8, 2009

Belize gets GOOD THNGS from Venezuela!

*** Two of the new houses being given to poor people under the Venezuelan Poverty Housing GRANT


There are TWO good things coming out of Venezuela from Chavez and his government of note in recent newspapers.
The first one is the article in the newspapers about how the Venezuelan HOUSING GRANTS are being distributed. The newspaper article took one area representative, in this case EDMUND CASTRO and how he was distributing the funds from the VENEZUELAN HOUSING MONEY to needy villagers in his voting district. As Castro explained, the money was not all that was needed by any means and so those in need were selected a few from each village in his rural constituency. Instead of giving them money, he had VOUCHERS issued to the needy poverty participants, mostly for home repairs, in which they could go to the hardware store and get the materials they needed to fix up their homes. I approve of that as a method of controlling money expenditures. He also was building about ten homes, if memory serves me rightly, it was said for those who needed a small home. As EDMUND CASTRO said; his share of the funds from the Venezuelan POVERTY HOUSING GRANT was not all that much to distribute and he could have used five times as much. Still something is something, to the people receiving assistance.
The second assistance worthy of note coming from Venezuela is the cataract eye surgery program taken over by Venezuela from Cuba. The selection process has been completed and the first batch of patients have been selected and double checked by Venezuelan authorities and an airlift FREE OF CHARGE will be given to those Belizeans in need of cataract eye surgery, to be done in Venezuela. We shall probably hear more about this later when they return.
Belizeans are grateful to the assistance given to poor Belize, from the Government of Venezuela. Poor as this country is; we are grateful for anything coming our way.
When it comes to CUBA, I have had the pleasure of meeting Paula an ORGANIC VEGETABLE GROWING AGRONOMIST, who has done fantastic things in Santa Familia village. She has become famous from the hearsay. Before she leaves I want to go and get some photos. It is from her I learned about WORMS and the idea of a worm farm, and got my sample of HUMUS she gave me, made by imported California Red worms. I’ve recently completed my own test bed for making humus with worms and soon I plan to go and buy some worms from her at Central Farm, where she is assigned by our Belize government. The worm lesson was an eye opener and I’m all for it. The HUMUS from her worm pile is great, I just hope I can make some myself.
Recently my wife was in the Government hospital and was near her death from complications of one thing leading to another. The advice from a Cuban doctor, Dr. Rodgriguez freshly assigned to Belize, from Cuba, just two days before was perfect and his personal and caring style did a lot to resolve our situational medical emergency. The wife is getting much better now and finally up and around again. He kept us entertained with his experiences in Africa and mostly in China, where he was trying to order a meal, but explained one slight change of a consonant in Mandarin pronunciation ended up with him eating dog meat at a market stall, instead of the kind of meat he wanted. Both Cuba and Venezuela have been of assistance to Belize and without the programs each offer, the problems in Belize could be much worse. The Health system in Belize practically works almost exclusively off Cuban personnel assigned to Belize.

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