Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This Green House is built with some kind of flimsy spiderweb type gossamer guaze. They put pvc pipes in an arch and tied strings a foot apart and spread the guaze over the framework. Manuel Trujillo said a roll of this stuff costs a $1000 Bz but will build three green houses 12 ft wide by 50 ft long. Though only lasting one crop as the stuff does not take wind damage very well. We don't have any cost performance comparisons on this yet.

*** This green house is using a cloth of fine white mesh that will stop insects. We had some discussion about heat build up inside this during the summer.

*** I use wider black shade cloth over my own two green houses and it is just for shade and stops birds a bit, but I'm not insect proof. One farmer from Santa Familiar had used the so called insect proof one and lost a crop of peppers to bugs that he figured came into his green house on his cloths. I've lost crops to Mosaic Virus for tomatoes and also some kind of chinch bug also.

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