Saturday, August 22, 2009


**** Punta Gorda, Belize water taxi to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala across the 30 miles of the Bay.
**** Placentia Water Taxi.


The surprise EXIT TAX that hits foreigners and travelers when leaving the country of Belize is now rated as the highest in all Central American countries. You now pay the tax whether leaving by boat, bus, or airplane.
Not exactly tourist friendly taxation. Nor does the Belize Tourist Board have any advertising promotions for the FALL slow season, with our regional Central American major weekend newspapers. Nor can you get to the Western Border Immigration checkout without walking 2 1/2 miles from the nearest town, Benque Viejo Town bus terminal at the park. Nor have we yet updated our TOURIST ENTRY CARD system to cater to Latin American tourism in which some countries are treated like enemies of World War 2. This is procrastination on promoting TOURISM in Belize, by this UDP government. They just can't get their act together, except in legal briefs and political victimization. The latest being a hoooorah over political party patronage job allocations. Several thousand of them, by one newspaper mention.
There are too many PIGS feeding at the TAX TROUGH of the Belize Government Revenues. Not enough producers and innovative types. Seems like everybody in the port town ( the old colonial capital ) feel it is their RIGHT to a government salaried job.

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