Thursday, August 6, 2009


pickup truck mosquito fogger machine at work by Health Department in Belize


Health Department pre-emptive work on diesel fogging of TWIN TOWN neighborhoods through the rainy season, have instilled a sense of comfort in the population. That the HEALTH DEPARTMENT are on the job and doing it well. We have had foggers go through our neighborhood, morning and evening at the worst times killing mosquitoes as they hatch.
The country during the rainy season is plagued with colds, fevers and chills. Some of which are dengue fever and some have even been the Swine Flu, H1 N1 which have all been mild. Most cases are head colds, ordinary flu, diarrhea, intestinal and abdominal cramps. The prompt work and reaction for the fogging operation is awarded to the UDP CABINET HEALTH MINISTER whoever it is?
I read in Argentina they have 400 declared deaths on the low end of reporting from Swine Flu. It is winter down there where they live. The WHO reports indicate we can expect 6% of our population in Belize to get Swine Flu this coming winter. About 18,000 cases? Death rate seems to be fairly low, about as in ordinary flu cases? Though the susceptible target seems to be young adults in their prime.
It is time to shuffle CABINET PORTFOLIOS. Two individuals that got a lot of publicity and meant well obviously, actually didn’t PRODUCE the way they should have. These are EDMUND CASTRO and MELVIN HULSE. In the PRIVATE SECTOR we cannot afford non-performers who somehow cannot get results. You can’t keep people working that do not learn to function properly in a prompt and efficient manner. Nothing against them personally, they did their best, just that the judgment is; their best is not good enough. Let them try somebody else, where they might find a better niche? We are speaking from a Western Belize area perspective on performance. They may have done better some other part of the country? We are not aware of that? The only performer coming out of the first third of this UDP term is Patrick Faber and since he was made Deputy Prime Minster while our PM was away recently, one has to assume he is being groomed to replace the party leader in the next election when the PM retires? Giving Patrick Faber the Transportation Ministry and the Telecommunications Ministry would give us a chance to see how he does in a more critical juncture for Belizean development? We need Ministers that can PRODUCE results in a timely manner. We could find out if Patrick is Party Leader and Prime Minister material this way, mid UDP term. We need to seduce both CLARO and TIGO of Guatemala telecommunications to enter Belize in competition with others here to give the public better service. A tower on the Eastern end of the Yalbak Hills range would service half the population of Belize. Down in Toledo District, a Guatemalan tower on the Quartz ridge of the Mayan mountains would also service all the Toledo District and interior of Belize. If the existing local telecommunications operators can’t do it, we need to get somebody else into the country who can. It is time to start moving forward and getting things done here! We need PERFORMERS in this UDP CABINET. People who can get things done.

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