Monday, August 24, 2009


** Prime Minister Barrow of Belize and wife.
*** Lord Ashcroft, the infamous ROBBER BARON of Belize.


Well not all of it! Prime Minister Barrow in a SURPRISE HOUSE SITTING IN BELIZE today announced within 48 hours that that the 94% of BTL shares lORD ASHCROFT owns will be NATIONALIZED. Ashcroft will be bought out and reimbursed by our government. The telecommunications monopoly has been a bouncing tennis ball among past politicians and Lord Ashcroft for years. One rumor has it, the past administrative political three person, cabal made privately $500 million out of selling and reselling the profitable company several times. That money long gone in Montevideo and Panama someplace? The bag man for the political CABAL went into exile rotten rich and was never prosecuted.
The deal was, BTL was not developing the country. Doing the minimum possible to keep the high profits rolling in. Lord Ashcroft will be left in the telecommunications business with his 76% ownership of competitor SMART telecommunications company. When it came to BTL, Lord Ashcroft was accused of making money off the Government of Belize by a constant circle of litigation through the court systems. He was threatening some mega hundred million dollar lawsuits for a country with annual tax revenues of around $660 hundred million Belize currency. This was ROBBER BARON WAR against the country and the patrimony of Belize. We have no laws controlling ROBBER BARONS with more money than the GDP of Belize. That will change as it did in the USA back in the days of Jay Gould and those infamous Robber Barons of the USA.
The announcement was made this morning and takeover is said to be 48 hours. The Prime Minister hinted, the military would be used if necessary if sabotage is detected. All employees will keep their jobs and the telecommunications company will be distributed back to Belizeans for shares sold on the open market. My family plans to buy as much shares, we dare risk, without putting all our savings in one egg basket.
This move is rewarded with a massive jump in the approval report card ratings for the UDP government. 20 points UP, raising the REPORT CARD of the UDP from 51% last week, to 71% APPROVAL RATING this week.

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emitt grogan said...

Lord Ashcroft has no shares in Telemedia. 94% of Telemedia is owned by charitable trusts for the benefit of Belizean charities and over 20% by Telemedia's employees. Lord Ashcroft is not involved and does not care. The Government of Belize will now have to pay a higher price than they will then be able to sell the shares. So the people of Belize will pay for the inept handling of the situation.