Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Belize TAIWANESE Central Farm Experimental Worm Farm at Central Farm

This is Miguel ( Spanish translation of his Chinese name). He is the supervisor of a 2 acre experimental variety plot for Taiwanese vegetables here at Central Farm.

Here Miguel has expanded his worm farm three times the original small size. People are really interested in the HUMUS making by a worm farm. Miguel tells me they just put a bit of humus in each vegetable hole when transplanting. It is strong stuff. He is using California Red worms. I was planting some breadfruit trees in my neighbors yards the other day and my handyman was showing me the abundant six inch long Belizean worms that were close to the surface, due to the heavy rains we have been having this rainy season. I have a 3 ft x 3 ft bottom screen clay pile and mixed it a bit with some chicken poop and some compost tea and put some of the smaller California red worms in there in my warehouse and will see if I can learn how to make my own humus with a worm farm. I sure need it as I grow experimental vegetable varities using 5 lb plastic bags on saw horses and planks.

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