Saturday, August 8, 2009

Western Belize,TWIN TOWNS bridge subject of loan proposal

* This is the best piece of road in Southern Belize, and an extension is needed to join through the Guatemalan border in high rain forest ( 300 inches a year ) to facilitate commercial connections for truckers and the economy to the very excellent Central American highway systems.

* This is the wood low bridge built once as a temporary measure long, long, ago that is falling apart. It is one way traffic and huge 18 wheeler freight conveys cross the river here on this thing. It is falling apart though.


Among the latest news out of the capital is a notice that the Ministry of Economic Development is preparing proposals. One of concern locally; is a $10 million USA to the Central American Bank for Economic Integration ( CABEI ) to build a bridge across the Macal River in the TWIN TOWNS, to facilitate the many heavy truck and semi trailer traffic in the growing freight loads going and coming from the Belize coast and Guatemala. The current temporary wooden bridge is in a sad state of disrepair and long overdue to be replaced.
A second proposal is for a loan to do the road between the DUMP and BIG FALLS to JALACTE short of the Guatemala border in the TOLEDO SOUTH district, to enable truck traffic eventually to join the Central American highway network, through the southern area of the country, eliminating nearly 300 miles of driving for some kinds of freight cargo heading to places like Salvador and Honduras. This will also build Central American tourism arrivals. There are millions of people as a tourist source in Central American countries. All these countries are much richer than poor Belize. Nor is the tourist season the traditional Northern latitudes winter time. Thus broadening the scope of tourism as an income earner in Belize, more year round.

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