Thursday, August 6, 2009

USA OIL interests in Venezuela are going KAPUT fast.


How badly does OIL supply effect the situation with Emperor Chavez of ALBA and Venezuela. People took him for a buffoon and clown, but he is outsmarting many more intelligent leaders, while hoodwinking them with his clown acts. ALBA is growing, now 11 countries and Chavez is re-arming Venezuela to back up his ALBA President for Life, fellow communists.
His social spending within Venezuela has helped the poor and the economy a lot. The trouble is, he is serious about copying Cuba and becoming a COMMUNIST state. If he would run his country as dictator and let the situation stand as is, maintaining a rough status quo, it is doubtful anybody would mind. Recent growing events prove this analysis to be wrong. The guy has a bee in his bonnet and he is going to be a dictator on the style of the CASTRO Brothers in Cuba and wants all his ALBA Federation to be the same. The guy is serious and nobody has to date taken him seriously. Now he is re-arming and the deceit and undercover tactics have stood him well in implementing communism as a governing model. Eventually the poor will suffer of course in all ALBA countries and particularly in Venezuela. They just don't know it yet and lack the historical education to figure it out. Millions will die if this continues and WAR is inevitable, albeit it will be covert dirty war, not the classic model beloved of USA military generals. This warfare is going to be silent and dirty and very rough. The type of war the BRITISH SAS were good at, or perhaps the Special Units in Vietnam.
At any rate, what about OIL? For the USA only the OIL is the question. Venezuelan oil represents 11% of USA imports. This also is 60% of Venezuelan income. The BUFFOON though is now shipping to the other side of the PACIFIC. There is a bit of a problem with finding refineries to do his style of crude, but that is likely to rapidly change. The USA is going to lose their oil from Venezuela eventually if CHAVEZ continues. Will they do anything about it is the question? Venezuelan oil reserves are in the top TEN of the World. The ORINICO basin reserves are as of yet untouched. Shared with Colombia. CITGO the Venezuelan oil company uses about 860,000 barrels a day for the 11% of the USA market. Chavez is going to cut the USA off eventually as fast as he can and his plans are well laid out, and long term. They are probably going to succeed, because the USA have never taken him seriously. With the recent Honduras debacle and re-arming his military in quick reaction groups, the ability to effect the countries of the American continent and destablize the whole region is increasing every day. We are in for a real messy next 20 years it looks like around here in the Americas.

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