Tuesday, August 25, 2009

IS THE H1N1 vaccination program a swindle?


The internet comes up with strange stuff. Back in 1926, the internet web pages say a fraudulent SMALL POX epidemic was declared in Kansas City, Missouri, or someplace around there. A massive vaccination campaign was imposed and many got sick and died from small pox. The internet chat says; in a follow up court case, it was proven this whole thing was a FRAUD, that there had never been a small pox epidemic before the vaccination program started. Many got sick and died from the vaccinations. It also says on the internet the same fraud was perpetrated in Pittsburg in the FALL of 1924. To sell to the government compulsory vaccinations.
The American Medical Association is accused of this fraud. They had been formed about 4 years before, by John D. Rockefeller.
That piece of history aside, whether true or false, does raise questions about the current H1 N1 flu epidemic scare in the world and subsequent plans to have a mandatory vaccination program in the USA. Is this just a profit making swindle is the question? Internet chatter says that the H1 N1 was created in a USA laboratory somewhere, I forget where now; but read it, they identified the lab on the internet where it was created. Since this flu epidemic is not considered any more serious than any other natural occurring flu, then why the massive money profit making mandatory vaccination program? Are we the lay public masses just victims of profit making medical hoaxes?
I'm glad our health authorities in Belize don't believe the FLU vaccination is necessary here either. Certainly I don't intend to get one. Having a government make it mandatory as in the USA and in light of historical internet research, it sure reads like SWINDLE?

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