Tuesday, August 11, 2009


President for Life - Communist Dictator Chavez of Venezuela.


For several years, President Chavez has been talking about switching the importing systems of his country of Venezuela to fellow ALBA Federated countries. Now he is doing it. Albeit using a lie and false disinformation propaganda to do so, to deflect home grown local criticism and rebellion by his city populations. He hasn’t got his two battalions of tanks to keep order in Caracas yet, so he has to be careful how he destroys his bourgoise middle class.
For publicity purposes and a fa├žade of a diplomatic initiative, President Chavez has announced a publicity campaign about the USA DEA and Terrorist assistance to Colombia, a neighbor trading partner, in fighting the FARC Terrorist Bandit Army of criminals and interdiction of Drug Traffickers, of which CHAVEZ and CORREA are allegedly SENIOR COMMANDANTES. The alleged excuse by Chavez is that the diplomatic break and switch in trade relations; are about USA assistance to Colombia. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a RED HERRING and DISINFORMATION, meant to fool the common Venezuelan public and citizens for a new way of implementing slavery, communist style under the totalitarian dictator style state. For several years now, CHAVEZ has said time and time again, he plans to do trade by BARTER on a government to government basis, within the signed up ALBA Socialist Federation countries.
According to the latest news release from Venezuela, Chavez is blockading all neighborly trade with Colombia over the common border, for food and industrial goods. About $2 billion worth. He is about to switch the buying of 10,000 cars and food products directly to the Argentinean government with the Venezuela government, by using government to government barter systems. We have heard of this plan for more than two years. The problem with the plan is; it will make such things more expensive to Venezuelans and it is going to bankrupt and put out of private business the BOURGOISE middle class distribution chain of merchants of Venezuela. The traders, the shopkeepers, the retailers, the wholesalers and the distributors. A whole segment of the population of Venezuela in the distribution business of goods that Chavez labels, the CAPITALIST BOURGOISE, will be eliminated with this marketing trade shift and solidify his Communist Totalitarian State economy. Trade with Argentina, or any other ALBA country, or associate country is to be on a GOVERNMENT to GOVERNMENT basis and go through government owned and run shops. Like CUBA this is a method of getting rid of private enterprise in a Socialist society. There are no middle men businesses in Cuba. None allowed, everything is government rationed.
This recent announcement of a quarrel with Colombia over the USA, is a distraction by Chavez, and he is to trying and prevent a public outcry and backlash from the middle class being destroyed in Venezuela. He wants to avoid a revolution of his middle class. ( He hasn't got his 2 battalions of Russian tanks yet to enforce his edicts ) Blaming the USA and blame Colombia, ( the bogyman )is an illusionist magic trick, but in FACT actually doing what he planned to do all along, destroy his middle class capitalists. A lot of his population are uneducated and do not read. Closing down another 360 private radio stations will instill only his government propoganda on those uneducated people who get their news from radio.
The stranglehold of the totalitarian dictatorship is tightening on Venezuela in this latest move.
The latest internet news says the Venezuelan government plans to seize another 360 private radio stations to enforce censorship and limit public news discussions about the government.

In Belize, a burglar will get out on bail for $3000, yet if a shopkeeper near the Guatemalan border is caught selling a Guatemalan cell phone card ( $5 or $10 each), the court fine is HALF A MILLION DOLLARS and time served in jail besides. This can show you how the Capitalist society of Belize and political parties run the government on alleged bribes by quasi telecommunications monopolies. Go figure the injustices in this world!

" The old Chavez magic trick, all is illusion! Yell and shout and distract and blame Colombia and the USA, while he steals Venezuelans blind and enslaves them. Watch my RIGHT HAND while I steal the Venezuelan population blind with the left hand is his methodology. Holler and yell about Yankee Imperialism and Colombia being a USA puppet, then tighten the screws of censorship by seizing the news radio stations in Venezuela and bankrupting the small importers and retail stores of the private sector distribution system, selling $2 billion of Colombian imports, by stealing their business by transfering it to Communist government stores. coming in the future from Argentinia, at greater expense and will be rationed ( controlled to who gets what and when )" THAT'S DICTATORSHIP in which Venezuelans will become STATE possessions as in SLAVES!

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