Saturday, August 15, 2009


*** Deadly Soap Opera Ego Maniac threatens the American continent with war.

*** Chavez with his army


Latest word out of Venezuela via the internet is that censorship is being applied as fast as possible with seizure of remaining previously privately owned radio stations.
In the military the HIGH COMMAND have been changed to Chavez loyalists. Either that or they are dead? The new reorganized Military apparatus are spreading a system of spy on your fellow officers and rank and file. It is against the law, a military crime to talk bad about CHAVEZ, or the Government. Using tactics originally used by Jospeph Stalin in the old war time Russian Empire and the NKVD, military personel MUST now report any traitorous talk of their fellow soldiers against Chavez or his government. Defeatist talk, or counter revolutionary talk is forbidden. Miscreants are severely punished. Promotions depend on loyalty and obedience to Chavez the Dictator of Venezuela, not on ability or training. The Venezuelan military has been turned into a spying machine on each other, with incompetents otherwise being promoted above those with skill and knowledge.
Couple of months back, the Venezuelan military took control of the airports and sea ports. The DIM ( military intelligence apparatus and the CICPC ) under General Carvajal, a Chavez loyalist is working under the Interior Ministry. Sort of the Russian equivalent of BERIA under STALIN in the old Russian Federation.
Rodriguez Chacin, Rangel Silva and Carvajal are military high command that have close ties in dealing with the TERRORIST BANDIT ARMY the FARC in Colombia according to numerous internet reports. They are noted Chavez fellow thugs.
There has been a shuffling of military intelligence department organization and change in names, the acronyms are now different. Not sure what they are? The whole system of the Venezuelan military is now about loyalty to Chavez. Sort of like the FUEHRER CHAVEZ of Hitler times.
The intent is clear. The military was the only functional resistance in Venezuela capable of changing CHAVEZ as leader of the country. This ability has been stalemated by Chavez with loyalty promotions. The events in Honduras, with the find of the computers by ex-Honduran President Zelaya with a referendum vote already counted, with an 80% win, WHEN THE VOTE NEVER EVEN TOOK PLACE, under Chavez tuterlage and direction, points to the high probability that Chavez stole the last election in Venezuela and will certainly steal the next one. As Stalin of Russia used to say, you only have to be the one doing the vote counting.
It would take an armed low rank military group to make a coup against Chavez and unlikely to happen in the new atmosphere of betrayal and spies within the military apparatus from those seeking promotion and advancement. For all intensive purposes VENEZUELA has been lost to DEMOCRACY and is now a full blown totalitarian communist dictatorship. CHAVEZ is hell bent on an American continental war. His own BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION.

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