Tuesday, August 11, 2009


**** We've had a hard time growing lettuce this summer, particularly during May, June and July the hottest months. Tropical Emperor didn't work out so well this summer. I got a friend off this blog to mail me some seeds for mustard greens and mustard lettuce. They seem to be coming along good in August though, the last of the hot summer. The photos above are one of Turnips, and two of Mustard type lettuce that are doing well at Central Farm with irrigation. We are still struggling in Belize trying to find a good lettuce variety for April through end of August hot months. This is the Taiwanese Vegetable Mission experimental variety plots. He is doing well.
The varities are Taiwanese from Taiwan and grown here in Central Farm. Looking good the lettuce varities were a sort of Chinese Cabbage, PAI CHOI ( JOI CHOI )
also PAI YANG. The other plot was radish and you can use the leaves of that for lettuce as well. I had pretty good success with a variety from South Florida, of Mustard Lettuce and Mustard Green. They did normal, which my Tropical Emperor of last year did not do good at all during the hot summer months. The search goes on for a hot summer lettuce.

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