Saturday, December 24, 2011

2012 the Mayan Cycle of change in Belize politics?

Hector Silva in politics since colonial days.
Met Hector Silva by accident in the Macal River market shopping on Saturday. We have known each other for over 50 years. Hector is active in the political arena.
We had a confab by the fruit stand of one vendor in the market. I asked him why he doesn´t run in Cayo Central for the next General Election in 2012?

Upshot of the conversation and discussing the development of a group of new third parties, under one umbrella, called the Alliance, or Unified Third parties, or some such name.

Hector Silva suggested that this group, should SKIP the MUNICIPLE ELECTIONS, this year, which they are planning individually to contest in Belmopan, Punta Gorda and the port of Belize City and concentrate on THE COMING BIG GAME, THE NATIONAL ELECTIONS. I agreed with Don Hector immediately. They can´t win the MUNICIPLE elections, so why run. They are too little known, had too little media publicity and still sort of fragmented. To run in the Municiple elections would dissipate their atraction and label them losers. The UDP in the short time left, have that sewn up.
I offered the idea that they should formally decide on ONE PARTY NAME, that the party leader should be WIL MAHIER, as he is the only NATIONALLY KNOWN entity in the grouping, with respect and organizing ability. They need to put their energies ORGANIZING FOR the national elections this year. Which could be anywhere from February to September, 2012. They are way behind the PUDP two entrenched parties.

If they do not succeed in contesting as a party, in the one party format with Wil Mahier as party leader, they will not make a difference. The country BADLY needs the option. SWING VOTERS want to feel their grouping have a chance to change the way the country is run and the corruption scandals. DIVIDED they will fail. TOGETHER they could easily win. THEY MUST OFFER A VIABLE CHOICE TO THE SWING VOTERS. That means formal declaration of one party, not seperate parties. One PARTY LEADER and they MUST CONTEST ALL 31 seats coming up of 4000 voters each minimum.

Certainly they have to contest the Boundaries and Elections Commission run by UDP party stalwart from the STAR NEWSPAPER. Minimum rules and standards for each candidate in number of voters they represent. Last National Election, the size of voters constituencies was crookedly distorted to favor the port of Belize City crooked politicians. Think the minimum should have been 4000 voters for each constituency, but it was managed to distort this in the port town, hotbed of criminal behavior.

TIME for these bunch of hopefuls is running out. The NATIONAL ELECTION could be called in as little as 8 or 12 weeks, or as much as 8 months. Either way, they need to get off their butts and start working at it. Candidates need publicity. They each need to be knocking on the doors of the voters and shaking hands and kissing babies. They need to contest 31 seats or just forget their fooling around, so we SWING VOTERS can know if they are serious pèople and capable, or not. Otherwise the UDP are going to win. It´s that simple. ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS OR NOT? We the SWING VOTERS want to know.

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