Saturday, December 17, 2011

Channel 7 TV news clears up only a bit, the alleged CORRUPTION AND VOTE BUYING BY THE UDP IN POWER.

One thing that has fuelled speculation about an early election is the fact that all 31 electoral divisions have been allotted a forty thousand dollar allowance to spend on Christmas Assistance."

As we have come to understand it unofficially, the assistance will be distributed by UDP Area Representatives and Standard Bearers - which begs the question: is this justifiable? Or is it just vote buying? We put that to the Prime Minister today:..

Jules Vasquez
"First of all Mr. Prime Minister we've heard about this $40,000 that each UDP area representative/standard bearer is receiving for Christmas gifts. What is the deal with it and from where is this money source and is this trying to buy an election?"

Prime Minister Dean Barrow
"You've ask a number of questions. First of all no UDP representative is receiving any money. The government has chartered a Christmas assistance program and the funds that the government is using is being channeled through various ministries so that there is going to be complete transparency and a proper accounting record. If you want to quarrel with the fact that government is trying to help with the well-being of citizens for Christmas then you are free to do so."

Jules Vasquez
"But its favored citizen; its citizens who a standard bearer or representative may choose to designate."

Prime Minister Dean Barrow
"Absolutely the representative is helping to select the recipients of the particular constituencies. I can't see that there is anything wrong with that. That is why they represent those constituencies."

Jules Vasquez
"Is this trying to buy an election? We heard rumors that an election eminent and are you afraid that it might have a counter-effect in so far as the Venezuelan money did? Though this is not on that scale."

Prime Minister Dean Barrow
"I have absolutely no fears on that score that anything amiss will occur as a consequence of the government consistent with what the government has set out and declared to be its mission throughout. I have no fear that the social assistance to people can in any wise affect the UDPs fortunes in the municipal elections."

According to our reports, some representatives have been giving grocery packages, others, gift baskets, while some intend to distribute hundred dollars checks - and we've heard one UDP standard bearer will distribute 800 hams in his division. FOR CLARITY, as we understand it, the assistance will be channeled only through UDP standard bearers and area reps.

I have trouble with this reporting. It is not clear at all, that the PUP representatives got $40,000 for Xmas presents for their voting constituencies? Nor do I agree that Elected Representatives get to spend the money for a XMAS Present program in their constituencies on PEOPLE THEY CHOOSE. This money should go through a CHARITABLE NGO, not politicians. This to my mind is political corruption and vote buying and favoritism by politicians, from MY TAXES and your taxes.THIS PRACTICE NEEDS TO STOP! THIS IS PUBLIC TREASURY MONEY AND CAN OR SHOULD ONLY GO THROUGH SOME SORT OF CHARITY FEEDING PROGRAM, OR NGO, OR SOME SORT OF ORGANIZED EFFORT THAT WORKS ALL YEAR ROUND TO HELP THE POOR WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOR, OR POLITICAL PERSUASION.

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