Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rice farmers study cutting RICE CROP in half. Please consider growing LENTILS.


They have a big investment for the future in rice growing. Storage silos and combines to mention a few. In all, it is reported they only farm 35 acres of rice and this makes them the biggest producer of rice in Belize. There are other smaller rice farmers in acreage.
Obviously if their market is only 50%, then they need to cut their acreage down to 16 acres, or in half. The other half, perhaps they could grow LENTILS, a bean crop not grown in Belize, but should be able. Don´t know if the same tax regime difficulties would exist for LENTILS as with rice, as an export crop?
I do know we buy lentils here at home. We like LENTILS and rice, rather than red kidney beans. Lentils taste better, soften and boil quickly unlike red beans, so they are our favorite bean. Nobody in Belize is growing them. Is there an export crop for LENTILS? Don´t know that either, but would think so in Guyana which has a large East Indian population?

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