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V.K. Desai

Your models work welll in India. However, to be successful in the rest of the world´s third world countries, particularly in the 34 countries of the Americas, you have to engineer and design them to be labor free. Automatic functioning operations. An electric producing generator for example, run by a steam engine, which produces steam from a boiler, should be labor free. I should not have to do more than just look at a machine that is operating automatically, for perhaps more than a few minutes per day. Small machinery that uses labor is not practical, when living standards rise, through more profitable ventures.
This situation has occurred here in Belize over the past 40 years and many small industries that were once labor intensive at the home level cottage industry, are no longer viable and phased out, replaced by higher earning ventures. As poor populations change from poverty solutions, to more discretionary cash, the material gadgets raise efficiency and standard of living. This costs more money and YOUR TIME and LABOR become more expensive, to maintain your standard of living.
YOUR TIME and LABOR then become critical factors. You cannot spend the TIME to collect firewood, or tend a fire to produce steam. It has to be automated somehow. Your time is better spent making money some more efficient productive way. Take a look at the new E-CAT heating technology. You can or should, be able to set up a steam producing boiler that would run for six months without attention, or labor. From steam you can run automatic machines.
I recall 60 years ago, in what was then the wilds of British Columbia mountains, using a stove in a cabin, that had to be heated for six months a year, without stopping, or you would freeze to death. The stove preferably had to be automatic. It was, by using lumber mill sawdust, to fuel the fire. A hopper was supplied by the stove manufacturer, that you filled every two or three days. A work taking 15 minutes, to fill it with sawdust. The sawdust automatically slid into the fire and kept it burning and the iron stove glowing red with heat.
Make your machinery automatic and you have a winner in selling and exporting to the outside world.

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Subject: Re: [-BTG-] energy independent jaggery plant

Dear friends,

Thank you for your email regarding sugar plant.

Since many years, I believe that our business earning should be moral. It should be beneficial to the society and to the humanity. Our business should not damage and exploit the humanity. It should not disturb the life of common people. It should enrich the life of common people.

It is now established fact that sugar is harmful to health. As wine and whisky are harmful to health and so we should not produce it, similarly we should not produce sugar. It is now accepted fact that it creates diabetes. So any person who has care for morality should not produce sugar. We should not present the excuse that there is a lot of demand for sugar and so we should produce it. Demand will be there in the society for many such evils. Demand is for cigarettes also. But any businessman who cares for morality and well being of society should not produce cigarettes. Any person who believes in vegetarianism should not produce machinery for slaughter house. This is my thinking. So I am against any sugar production.

If we have to produce sugar, one tonne of sugarcane gives 100 kg of sugar. But if we produce jaggery, one tonne of sugarcane gives 140 kg of jaggery. Directly 40% more production. Jaggery is nutritious, balanced food and highly beneficial for human body. It must be promoted. If there is no demand for jaggery, demand should be created. For many dangerous items and evil items, demands are created artificially even though it is detrimental to society simply for sake of money. Similarly demand for sugar has been created. Once we know that sugar is detrimental and jaggery is beneficial, then we should try our best to promote only jaggery.

Moreover, sugar production requires highly complicated machinery. Huge investment in machinery. This is simply done for profit motive to exploit the society to make money, no matter it harms the society. This is evil thinking. Any good businessman should refrain from such evil thinking. As against this, jaggery production requires very small investment and only simple machinery which can be installed in any small farm by farmer himself. So this technology of jaggery is blessing to the society. Every good businessman should try to promote it. I am sure that you can earn money from it, but with due efforts to convince the people that jaggery is good thing. Even if you earn less this way, it should be acceptable. We should not damage the society simply for selfish motive of earning money. By producing sugar, you surely damage the society. Certainly, sugar is not innocent product.

So I have stopped to take interest even in sugar cum jaggery plant and I advocate only jaggery plant. It is really beautiful. Please look at the beauty in simplicity. Investment in sugar plant is at least 100 times more than investment in jaggery plant compared on same production capacity. Employment in jaggery plant is at least 50 times more than employment in sugar plant compared on same production capacity. So sugar plant is highly capital intensive, giving very less employment and producing harmful product. As against this, you can see that how much beneficial is jaggery plant. A very little investment, providing a lot of employment, simple technology and giving highly nutritious product.So even after recognizing all these benefits of jaggery, how can we go for sugar plant? My morality forbids me to work for sugar production. I feel that we should discourage sugar consumption at every possible stage. I have vowed not to eat sugar since last 26 years. Still I enjoy many types of sweets prepared in jaggery instead of sugar. India is famous for many types of delicious and attractive sweets made from sugar. But I am sure that all these various sweet items can also be made equally delicious by using jaggery instead of sugar. As I have left sugar for ever, my wife has found out techniques to make various sweets from jaggery. I have found by my experience that some sweets are more delicious in jaggery than in sugar.

I hope I have clarified my stand properly. Now it is upto you to decide what to do. It is fascinating to produce sugar. I had a good attachment for it. I worked as a Managing Director of big sugar factory. But as I understood, I withdraw my mind from interesting technology of sugar making and also money making and I discarded everything from my mind. So we have to discard from our mind fascination of something which is not beneficial to the society.



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On Monday 19 December 2011 07:23 AM, Hugh Leyton wrote:
> Hi Veljibhai,
> It may sound crazy to you, but at present the Belize government won't allow private Sugar cane crushers.
> Only allowing the large Mega Watt Sugar Factory to produce sugar from cane. :-(


On Monday 19 December 2011 03:31 PM, Ray Auxillou wrote:
> You have a problem. There are different levels of income in third world countries. We in Central America are not like India. We do not have cheap labor, or excess labor resources, for human labor competition. Certainly not in Belize, or Guatemala. A wood fired steam engine, would require, as in your case two boys to feed and look after. You could not do this in Belize effectively for low power situations. I had in my life, 20 acre coconut plantations twice. I ended up selling the land and getting out of the business, because the cost of labor skyrocketed, making them unprofitable. As peoples earnings go up, from new business ventures, the old businesses die out, from lack of labor price competitiveness. You have an excess of cheap labor. We cannot even find labor to cut grass and weeds in the yards with a machete. The cheapest labor here in Belize runs about $30 USA currency per day now. I remember 40 years ago, myself working for $20 usa a day in Florida, USA. India with labor at $1 or $2 is labor competitive, but not in most of the world.
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> I have no doubt that all developed countries including USA have to throw away centralized mass production system and all have to resort to production by masses approach as advocated by Mahatma Gandhi. The sooner the better. In fact real solution of all the problems of the world is lying in home scale production units and throw away madness of centralized mass production. It is simply for sucking the people.
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