Saturday, December 24, 2011


CB MACHINE SHOP IS ONE OF TWO MACHINE SHOPS IN THE MENNONITE COMMUNITY OF SPANISH LOOKOUT. THEY DO REPAIRS TO TRUCKS AND OTHER VEHICLES, ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL REPAIRS, ENGINE BORING, CRANKSHAFT GRINDING AND SO FORTH. THEY HAVE SOME BIG LATHES, HYDRAULIC PRESS, BIG HEAVY DUTY DRILL PRESS. They were fixing 4 wheelers, motorbikes and changed my signal arm apparatus, on my pickup truck, by getting a part from Melchor in Guatemala, who in turn get them from dealers in Guatemala City.

I asked the owner if he could make me a 5 or 10 hp steam engine. He thought he could, but didn´t know how to cast iron, for a flywheel, or make pistons, or engine blocks. So he finally begged off. He said, nobody in Belize has this knowledge, nor do we have access to such parts easily. Everything would have to be imported.


shivabizconn said...

Surelia Industries manufactures, supplies, exports, and imports Heavy Duty Lathe Machine.

Michael Carlson said...

I need to get out of the states to where it is warm and I can sail my boat year round! I will set up and operate a machine shop along with offering my Engineering expertise!
I am currently a mechanical/electrical engineer working as the head Engineer at a machine shop. My company and dealings are with all MAJOR heavy industries (steel producing/finishing), Food & candies (such as ADM, Tootsie Roll, Dawn, etc.), petro-chemical (BP, Citgo, Behr Paints, etc.), Plastic Manufacturing (KW plastics and other injection molding companies), and Pharmaceutical companies.
Before moving into the engineering field I actually ran a full service machine shop for my father while attending school. I didn’t just manage it I also have heavy experience in running Lathes, (engine, vertical), drill presses (both radial arm and fixed), mills (vertical and horizontal), Boring mills (table and 6” floor), and various slotters, shappers, planners etc.
There is nothing that you put in front of me that I cannot reverse engineer, produce working drawings for, select the correct metallurgy for, and manufacture. Not only that but I can improve the design!
The rest of my family has moved away from where I work in North West Indiana and I think it is time for my wife (originally from England) and my 2-1/2 year old girl to try something new!

dimon bealou said...

hi my name is Anthony im from united states. ill like to know if belize have a machine shop that work on staberlizers drilling bites reamers also down hole tools that apply hardfacing .

Revaprojects said...

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Anonymous said...

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