Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Western Border Immigration, want sex and bribes in extortion?

OH HUM! RECURRING PROBLEM ABOUT SEX AND BRIBES ON WESTERN BELIZE BORDER. They do it in Mexico and our guys know this, so they decided to do it too. Since they can deny it and there is no proof, other than my word against your word, WHAT CAN THE VICTIMS DO?

Story from Channel 5 TV

Dec 13, 2011
Mexican says friends abused at border

Carlos Barrachina Lison

A high profile professor at the University of Quintana Roo is making a serious allegation about local immigration officials. According to Professor Carlos Barrachina, two close family friends, Honduran national, Xenia Paz Bardales and Mexican National, Yolanda Pineda Castillo, were abused by officers at the western border as they tried to reach Mexico via Belize on November sixteenth of this year. Barrachina has been to Belize to look into the incident. He alleges that the women were detained for three hours and verbally abused by immigration officers and were eventually released. The experience, he says, has left them traumatized.

Dr. Carlos Barrachina Lison, Claims Relatives were Abused by Belizean Immigration Officers

“Two citizens, one from Honduras and one from Mexico, were abused at the Benque Border by Immigration Officers and I think that this is a very complicated issue, very serious.”

Andrea Polanco

“Okay, when you say abuse, what exactly you mean, what took place?”

Dr. Carlos Barrachina Lison

“My wife is from Honduras and a cousin of hers came two weeks ago from Honduras to her home with a Mexican friend. They had some problems at the border with the immigration because a Mexican citizen didn’t have her passport in order but instead the officers said to them they cannot go through Belize and put them in jail and ask the Mexican citizen for sexual favors if they want to go through Belize. The two women were released from jail after they paid one thousand American dollars and this is very serious. The officers gave them back their passports and papers after they paid this money and release them after asking them for sexual favors.”

We wish to point out that Barrachina uses the term jail to refer to a detention room. Barrachina says that the women were never given a receipt for the one thousand U.S dollars that they paid. In a press release he has issued, he says that Pineda didn’t have a passport because it was stolen, but that she was travelling with her Mexican identification card, her valid Social Security card and her Population Registry Card. He says he has filed a report to the police and that he has met with officials to discuss this incident. Via email, Barrachina says that the Ministry of Immigration has promised to investigate the matter. We called the Immigration Office in Belmopan but were told that the Director, Ms. Meighan was unavailable.

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