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Thirty Five Women Graduate From Courses Offered By MAMAS

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Written by CTV3 Publisher Tuesday, 13 December 2011 04:09


Screen_shot_2011-12-12_at_6.48.20_PMMujeres Ayudando A Mujeres a Superarse, MAMAS, has without a doubt left their mark here in the Orange Walk District. For the past six years the group has been offering a number of courses to women interested in learning a trade and making a financial difference in their lives. This past Saturday a group of women who took part in the cake decorating, beading, crochet and cosmetology classes graduated with honors. Our news team was present for the event and filed the following report.

Hipolito Novelo-Reporting

For successfully completing their courses participants were awarded with a graduation certificate which they proudly received from the hands of Orange Walk Central Area Representative Honorable John Briceno.

Ofelia Novelo, Coordinator MAMAS Group

“Estamos graduando más de treinta y cinco mujeres hoy y todas ellas tienen diferente curso hay unas que agarraron más de un curso y es lo que estamos graduando hoy.”

Ofelia Novelo, Coordinator MAMAS Group

“Nosotros como mujeres es bueno que sepamos diferentes trabajos laborales especialmente que ahorita las cosas están duros y haciendo sosas manuales se vende y ayudamos a la comunidad y a nuestro esposos a nuestras familias para salir adelante con ese mismo trabajo que nosotros enseñamos las mujeres salen adelante solo asi nosotros podemos ayudar a la comunidad y la familia.”

The ceremonial area was decorated with the work of the participant’s which included stunning finger nail decorations and tempting pastries. Among the many items on display was the work of Lilith Calderon and Neri Castillo who graduated from the cosmetology and cake decorating class. For both women, learning a trade signifies and opportunity to provide for their family.

Lilith Calderon, Student

“It was a good experience and I encourage all women who wish to come, it is a good challenging very good to come and thanks to our teacher because she got the patient to teach and thanks to Mrs. Auri Cal, she was our teacher in cosmetology, it was very challenging but we end up today as our day.”

Neri Castillo, Student

“Well the experience was very good and we had a lot of practice throughout the course and basically we learn cosmetology class which I took only hair, that’s the advance class and for the cake decorating class we also did pastries and actually learnt many different types of cakes.”

Hipolito Novelo-Reporter

“Did you face many challenges throughout the course?”

Neri Castillo, Student

“No, for me it was practically easy because I have a passion for it. Actually I am planning to open a business so I can do all these stuff and for the cosmetology class I will go house to house offering my business.”

The aim of MAMAS group is not only to assist women in the community but also to give children an opportunity to learn a trade at a very young age.

Ofelia Novelo, Coordinator MAMAS Group

“El groupo de nosotros no solo es para mujeres y nosotros todo el tiempo decimos hombres y mujeres pueden aprender y en este ano hubo un hombre que si agarro la costura y ahorita hace bien porque hace bonitos vestidos y es un diseñador y también ayudamos a los niños, en el tiempo de verano damos un summer program es un mes y también ayudamos a los niños para salir adelante y también ayudar a su familia a la misma vez.”

During the graduation ceremony special invited guest Honorable John Briceño, addressed the participants and shared his thoughts on the important role that MAMAS plays in the community.

And for anyone interested in joining the MAMAS group, the only requirement is that you pay a registration fee of $10.00 and a $6.00 weekly tuition fee for the instructors.

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