Sunday, December 25, 2011


BELIZE UNITY ALLIANCE the new political party, UNABLE to get organized.

With only six weeks to go, before the deadline for organizing disparate political groups into one party, to contest the NATIONAL ELECTIONS this coming year of 2012, the progress on the ground has been dismally slow. The SWING VOTERS were rooting for the different parties, the PNP and the VIP to get together and put in some sort of organization for NATIONAL ELECTIONS. Unfortunately, these aspiring politicians to offer SWING VOTERS a choice to voting for the UDP, have squandered AGAIN their last three years since the last election. They seem to have only 6 candidates for National Elections out of the 31 candidates needed and only 6 weeks to get it all organized. Swing Voters cannot take them seriously. They are only amateur dilletantes.

While they play around and in their selfishness, act only to acquire fame and fortune in TOWN COUNCIL ELECTIONS, they are not proving their mettle, and capability. Failing which, they will do NOTHING in the TOWN Council elections, except gratify their egos a little bit, for serious alternatives to our one party run dictatorial government at the NATIONAL ELECTION this year 2012. It would seem that we the SWING VOTERS cannot rely on them to lead us, if they cannot lead themselves.

The PUP is out, too much baggage, corruption and embezzlement scandals in their history. PURE CROOKS is the consensus opinion. While the UDP are not the best, the three years under BARROW worked out well for the nation, given the tough circumstances. Unfortunately, there have been a few scandals, among his CABINET MEMBERS. CASTRO was one big one. HULSE was another, then DEAN BARROW himself has made a big BOO BOO with his using of government funds ( 1.25 million thereabouts) this Christmas, for his party member campaigning. Unfortunately, there is no alternative and the hoped for rise of the BELIZE UNITY ALLIANCE, seems to have totally flopped. Without an alternative, it would seem the UDP will sweep the polls and votes this 2012.

Dean Barrow himself is expected to resign this year. Probably after the MUNICIPLE elections? If he is to stick to his word? Of course, POWER CORRUPTS and it is likely he will renege on his promise? The replacement this summer is likely to be PATRICK FABER, Minister of Education. Nobody else in the UDP have shown leadership capability. Rene Montero has been successful in his job with Agriculture, but is deemed not to have the political smarts and ruthlessness to handle a ONE PARTY DICTATORSHIP GOVERNMENT.
2012 is the year of change in our country, by 10,000 years of Mayan historical tradition and the cyclical calender. One can only wonder how the politics will smooth out and what is in store for Belize during 2013?

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