Friday, September 23, 2011

1000 house lots for first time buyers in each District of Belize, says El Caudillo in campaign speech.

HOUSE LOT PROGRAM TO GET STARTED PRIOR TO NEXT ELECTION IN EACH DISTRICT. ( Political promises and rhetoric, worth nothing. These type of promises made EVERY CAMPAIGN FOR THE NEXT ELECTION )

From El Caudillo´s campaign speech on Independence Day.

"Then, on the question of land, the slow delivery especially of building lots has been a much-vexed issue that Government is determined to address. Thus, 5 million dollars is being spent on a new land management system that should eliminate a lot of the current chokeholds. And land is being identified in every District for survey and subdivision into house lots. Government will award these to first time owners by way of immediate freehold title, and at a price not to exceed a thousand dollars payable in installments. One thousand acres have already been acquired along the Western Highway for allocation to people in the Belize and Cayo Districts and so around four thousand building lots will be distributed as soon as surveyors can complete the subdivision work. We have also secured, by way of an amicable arrangement with a company called Belize Distills, another parcel of land enough to give one thousand house lots to Belizeans in the Orange Walk district. We will now turn to each of the other Districts and will acquire whatever is needed to continue addressing, in a sharply accelerated way, the cry of our people for land."

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