Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Belize FARMER John Carr forecasts agriculture crops for 5 years out.

** John Carr of Belize
*** John Carr, Belize farmer. dual citizen with USA and Belize.
John Carr private big time farmer is giving a FIVE YEAR forecast.

( For some strange reason the Agriculture Department, or Ministry of Natural Resources don´t seem to have any information for the public on agriculture crops. )

ANYWAY, John says Cattle quantities and prices will increase 30% over the next five years. He also says CORN FARMERS will also see a 30% increase in acreage and about .30 cents more in price. Beans will see an increase in prices up to between $1.25 on the low side and $1.60 on the high side. Rice acreage is expected to increase by 20%. The prices may stay the same, or be a bit lower as there is a lot of foreign competition in rice production.

Contributed comment by observer: GOB doesn't run Belizean agriculture - Mennonites do. All GOB is capable of doing is sinking money in unprofitable ventures run by their cronies or for political reasons. That in addition to stifling the movement of livestock, produce and machinery across the borders. If George Price didn't bring the modern Mennonites to Belize back in the 1950s Belize would be buying corn from the US like Guatemala and also have similar meat consumption per capita to that of Guatemala.

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