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UDP Government violate their own policy and open PANDORAS BOX.


Can Civil Society PROSECUTE in law and see if any Agriculture Department heads will get sent to jail for violating government policy in a very dangerous manner, for future corn exports. Much of our corn is bought, because it is the only corn in Central America that is, OR WAS, GMO FREE. Gabine Canto, and Eugene Waight in this forwarded article, are alleged to be the GUILTY PERSONS, acting unilaterally outside the CABINET POLICY GUIDELINES.

"It is confirmed that permission was given by the Ministry of Agriculture to bring in GMO corn to plant as a trial. This is the first time Belize will be planting gmos as far as I know. Thee are many questions to be asked of the current government regarding this move which is in contradiction to government policy enacted in 2009 which placed a 5 year moratorium on planting gmos. That policy followed almost three years of discussion and public consultation throughout the country - Belmopan, Belize City, Stann Creek and Orange Walk. All agriculture imports are required to receive an import permit from BAHA. This trial was permitted by the Ministry of Agriculture without a BAHA permit. A BAHA permit would have required a risk analysis prior to importation. Why was this not done? Risk analysis would most likely take into consideration the following: Who is liable if there are adverse effects because of this importation? What is the risk to small farmers with this importation? What is the risk to organic farmers with this importation? What is the risk to niche markets with this importation? Does Belize have the capacity to monitor this production keeping in mind the constraints placed upon farmers by the seed producers (biodiversity corridors, no replanting of seed) Was this importation reported to the wider international community. Belize is signed on to the Cartagena Protocol and is required by law to communicate its policies and actions regarding GMOs. What markets will Belize lose as a result of this importation? Who stands to benefit from this importation? There are many studies to show that weed resistance to glyphosate occurs within a few years of the use of Round-up Ready Corn - in fact there is a considerable anxiety about the super-weeds being produced. Additionally, Belize does not have in place labeling laws regarding GMOs. How will government protect consumers who do not want to eat genetically modified food? Recent scientific studies are finding Bt toxin from gm corn in mothers' breastmilk in the US. Bt is a toxin that with gm technology is made part of the corn plant. When we eat that gm corn we ingest the toxin. Studies show that toxin is remaining in our blood stream and is even passed to infants in breastmilk. Research conducted by Prof. Don Huber of Purdue University and provided to the Sec. of Agriculture in the US, Tom Vilsack, alerted the USDA to the increase of morbidity and abortions in cattle fed gm corn. That research pointed to a loss of nutrition in gm corn. In spite of warnings to the USDA the US continues to push gm products, even as the public there becomes more wary of their food supply. Of note is the close relationship between agro-business and government: most of the persons in authority in the USDA worked for the major agro-chemical company, Monsanto. The regulation of agriculture is in bed with the business it regulates there. Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Syngentics sink millions of dollars marketing their various products and lobbying the US government. At a recent lecture I attended, Dr Roger Beachy, Director of the US National Institute of Food and Agriculture stated clearly the policy of the US is to push the export of gm products. Developing countries are the target. I may be wrong, but my strong feeling is Belize is opening Pandora's Box. A recent international conference in South Africa which included agrobusiness in the discussion ended their sessions with the statement that agriculture sustainablity worldwide lies with non-gmo small farmers. So why does Belize decide to grab hold of a sinking ship? That is an interesting question. We need answers from CEO Gabino Canto and CAO Eugene Waight."

Messages flying around the agriculture community.

John Carr (over at Belize Ag Report) has been promoting the wonders of GMO seeds for years in their publication, much to our dismay....

the covert importation of GMO corn began in 2007, but it was just supposed to be used for feed... not planted...

Uploaded by pilgrim2heaven on Dec 11, 2009
This is a television news segment from the country of Belize on February 7, 2007. It is the worst quality video I have, but clear enough to understand that Genetically Modified foods were prohibited in this country until this date due to the global debate about the health risks involved with them. In the middle of night this first shipment of Genetically Modified Corn (3,000 tons, valued at $2 million) imported from the United States was cleared through customs at the port without a permit. Importation of GM food was to be illegal until Belize established a policy regulating its use. But in the wee hours of darkness the prime minister of Belize authorized this crime without any kind of approval on standards towards GMO's. The importation wasn't handled in the right way from the outset. The poultry industry could be put in jeopardy by this deed.

The feed will be used for chickens over the following two months that were already beginning to starve and without this feed the industry would have collapsed. This feed containing Genetically Modified Organisms was created in a laboratory and not by natural processes. Using this GMO feed made in a lab was admittedly a costly and difficult choice, but was believed to be necessary because corn had become scarce. If any of the GM corn were to be planted they would affect non-genetically modified crops by cross-pollination. But even without that there is the potential for undetermined health risks that could arise by consuming food that has been fed with GM grain. There are national complications as Belize attempts to assess and come up with an official policy.

Stop the importation of any GMOs until proper process and public consultation are carried out!
Posted: 08/09/2011 - 10:23 AM Author: Plenty Belize
Dear Editor,
I have recently been informed that our government has approved the first test trial of Genetically Modified Organisms by some Mennonites in Spanish Lookout with some oversight by CARDI. I would assume that the GMO seed in question is most likely BT Corn. I have seen no official reports on this matter, but it is so incredibly important that I feel I must write to you at the Amandala so that the people of Belize can be protected from this threat. Government approved the National Biosafety Policy in 2009, and under that policy, the alleged current approval to import GMO seed does not meet the basic qualifications.

Say no to GMO
Amandala - Posted: 26/10/2007 - 11:34 AM Author: Colin
You have probably heard that farmers planting genetically modified crops (GMO – genetically modified organism) get greater harvests. That is not an established fact. Increased productivity in crops is a factor of technological advances in fertilizers, pesticides, hybridization, and integrated systems. The facts bear out that these are the mechanisms that lead to greater productivity, not GMO’s.


This subject has kicked off big time following our dear Ministry of
Agriculture's decision to allow a trial of GM modified corn in Belize.
The purpose of this is to ask anyone who has a specific interest
(Beth?) and perhaps others who want to take part in this discussion
leading to some sort of action. There is a cause on Facebook called
"Se la vee" which anyone interested can join. you need an invitation
which I or any other existing member can give you. All you have to do
is to go to your facebook page, "friend" me or any other "se la vee"
member and we can join you so you can take part in the discussion.
the concept of a trial being done here in Belize is just a joke. What
on earth does M of Ag think it is going to learn that the hundreds of
trials done around the world have not found?
such trials were abandoned in the UK when signs of genetic
modification were found outside the test areas. Insects, birds and
even wind born pollen can all carry GM material and spread it.
This is a really hot subject right now so please help. the wider this
protest spreads and the more people who are aware of it,especially
farmers, the better



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Avg.Joe said...

Hi, I have been following your blog for a while now. This is by far the news that strikes me the hardest.

We formed a anti-GMO page on facebook.