Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Of the SEVEN Central American countries, in terms of PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY DEVELOPMENT, Nicaragua and Belize are tied for last place!

Of the seven Central American countries, in terms of participatory democracy development, Nicaragua and Belize are the worst. Tied for last place.

Strangely enough, our neighbor Guatemala has progressed tremendously since the decades of Central American military, civil war, dictatorships, and in the last 20 years, Guatemala has blossomed to include most of the 14 million indigenous and mestizo population. On the other hand Belize itself is still ruled in the colonial fashion, but by our own two GANGS called political piratical parties, who only seem to pass Constitutional Laws that increase their power to RULE and EXPLOIT the people of Belize, for their own self enrichment, get rich quick schemes.

Both Belize and Nicaragua are ruled by STRONG MAN, EL CAUDILLO´s, and there is a constant fight by those in power, to suppress the population, and especially any opposing political players, or groups. Consensus is a forbidden word as to enforcable types of laws existing on the books. Both Nicaragua and Belize in Central America are basically DICTATORSHIPS, though on the surface they are elected. There are no limitations to political power, no politician can be sent to jail for misdimeanors, nor upper level bureaucrats. In both countries the police are lackys of the political party gang of opportunists and thieves in power. In neither of these poor countries are there seperation of powers, just a charade of names and fictitious institutions, to placate the outside world, with pseudynoms.

By contrast this past weekend, the National Elections of our neighbor Guatemala, were a beacon of HOPE and LIGHT, on how things should be done in a PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY.
The ever pervading DARKNESS of the inherited SPOILS, PIRATICAL political system of the colonial era condemns Belizean and Nicaraguans to exploitation by politicians. Guatemala has come a very LONG WAY in the past 20 years, while BELIZE and NICARAGUA stay mired in the mud of exploitation governing systems.

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