Tuesday, September 20, 2011



The recent approval of importation of GMO seeds, by the Belize Agriculture Department has opened up the Government of Belize to lawsuits on the local scene. Elsewhere in the world, GMO crops have contaminated other crops. In the case of some countries where there were established ORGANIC and CERTIFIED ( a three year process ) crops. These farmers of organic produce were later DE-CERTIFIED when labratory tests showed that the so-called Organic natural species, had been contaminated by GMO crops, which had occured from wind blown and bird carrying spread of the GMO crops to other crops. Thus ruining perfectly established farm industries specializing in HIGHER PRICED farm products.
The recent spate of media news, that it is OFFICIAL, that our government has approved and already GMO seeds are in country, for Belize; means DANGER for the growing segment of the farming industry growing ORGANIC. At least this clears the air somewhat, in the case of the GMO corn seed shipment that came in. OUR GOVERNMENT is legally responsible and will eventually be found so, in a court of law, when it comes to lawsuits finding blame for the loss of crops relying on EVOLUTION over tens of thousands of years, to breed local plants, for their mainstay.
I saw a horrific movie on Gene Modified animals on television last night. They had bred pigs with cow skin, pigs with the HUMAN GROWTH GENE added ( very badly malformed pig unfortunately ) and other horror stories of gene engineering experiments gone wrong.
A movie from India, blames the loss of small farms in cotton growing on GMO cotton seeds from Monsanto in the USA. Turned out it didn´t work out and give better yields and because of the emphasis by the Government of the Day in India of trying the GMO cotton seeds, the small farmer base for cotton in India collapsed. Hundreds of thousands of small farmers ( the base of the cotton industry ) who had at the behest of their bureaucrats and political policy makers, borrowed money to grow and nurture the NEW GMO cotton crops, lost everything, including their small farmer plots, their houses and livelihoods. I believe there was a lawsuit against Monsanto in the USA, but in reality it was Indian political policy and their AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT that was at fault.
At least here in Belize, we now know what will happen from other countries making this mistake and the LAWYERS need to start gathering the legal evidence now, for the lawsuits to come in the future a decade or so from now, in Belize.

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