Wednesday, September 28, 2011



A) Big Independence Day bash in Belize for the 30th Independence Day, parades and all that.

B) Then the first politician to actually create Belize as an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY died at 92, just before Independence Day. We had a BIG STATE Funeral roughly the same time. Marching military, military band, formal casket carried in STATE by hearse. Crowds along the streets sides to pay respects to the founding father of the nation. 21 brass cannon ( small ones ) salute. Fly Over by our only single military aircraft. Pomp and circumstance! The two political party enemies unified over the STATE FUNERAL, which was amazing to everyone in the nation. Unheard of, from bitter enemies, or political pirate bands at continuous war. Pleased everyone!

C) In reflection, in thirty years, Belize went from about 65,000 population 30 years ago, to 350,000 population today. Lot more infra-structure. There are about 70,000 adults working in the country maintaining everything. MOST of them work for the government. We don´t have that much in human resources.
The thing that got me, is that in 30 years we have not broken our nation´s SLAVERY CYCLE. ALL the FOREIGN EXCHANGE our government gets, is harvested by foreign lenders each year. There is NONE left over for local business people. Our cash reserves are so small, as to be a big joke.
In 30 years, we have not been able to find a single political leader that can cut the gordian knot, of SLAVERY by our government and people, to paying foreign lenders, INTEREST and PRINCIPAL with our scarce foreign exchange. We have not been able to keep any meaningful amount in SAVINGS, or FOREIGN RESERVES. While infamous GREECE of the EU might have a Debt to GDP ratio, of 200%. We in Belize are not so bad, but still over 100% Debt to GDP. When it comes to money handling, there isn´t a single person willing to turn politician, CAPABLE of finding a solution to our 30 year DEBT CRISIS. That bit of knowledge fills me with sadness on our 30th anniversary of political independence, as we continue to live as a nation in PERPETUAL SLAVERY to FOREIGN LENDERS. ( What was that old country and western song. "I owe my soul to the company store! " ) That should be our REAL national anthem. SAD FEELINGS of SHAME I´m afraid, on what should be a happy holiday. Proud in one sense, but SHAME in another. Mixed feelings!

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DBA said...

Getting small countries into massive debt is exactly what was intended; it made a lot people (not in the small countries) very, very wealthy. It is indeed slavery. A great read is "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins.
ISBN: 0-452-28708-1