Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Belize Port town CRIME EVENTS and PLANS.

*** Semi retired police Commissioner Crispin Jeffries retained on contract to administrate the National Police.
** El Caudillo, strong man dictator of Belize, PM Dean Barrow.
*** Doug Singh

***Michael Young committed suicide during an escape from a Chinese store robbery.


Big flurry of news and events to do with the gangs and crimes in the port of Belize City. The murder rate continues to climb each year, making new highs. Robberies are frequent and it is unsafe to walk the streets for anybody looking affluent.

ACTING COMMISSIONER CRISPIN JEFFERIES is periodically on the TV talk shows and was explaining the statistics and trends in crime in the port town. He says, Belize is running parallel to most CARICOM Caribbean countries. There is escalating crime throughout the region. Some gangs and at least one in the port, are eliminating witnesses in court cases, by hit men. Usually young associates of the established FIVE gangs dividing up the marijuana business in the port town. Jefferies pleads with the community people to help the police. In answer to the many cases of police brutality, he wants people to use their cell phones and send him photographs of police, drinking in bars in uniform, or brutality, or other misdeeds and acknowledges that the Belize Political run NATIONAL POLICE FORCE has many brutish, sadistic criminal types in their ranks. He wants to clean up the police force and get rid of the bad elements, turning the police force into a professional one. He went on to explain that his hands are tied by the bureaucracy, the Public Service Union in particular. He needs EVIDENCE to get rid of the bad eggs in the police force. He requests the public help him with photographs and other evidence. Use your cell phones.

POLICE CEO Doug Singh described the crime gangs young associates, as unemployable feral people. Young men, with no social conscience, or guilt trips, sort of rabid dogs. He said, the gang leaders are educated, articulate and well versed in psychology. The politicians have resisted making the cultural habit of marijuana legal, thus fueling the underground retail and wholesale trade in marijuana. Resulting in turf wars by gangs. Mr. Singh, says the standard attempts with social programs to help the feral youngsters, do not, and will not work with them. Not even jobs.

EL CAUDILLO, our STRONG, elected dictatorship system run by Don of Dons, PM Dean Barrow ( he runs his own gang, called a political party and Cabinet )( called the British colonial parliamentary model ) is coming on strong in TV interviews. He vows the state will meet FORCE with FORCE. A recent spate of complaints about the police and the SWAT, or GSU Unit, in which they have been breaking heads, arms and ribs, met his declaration to my understanding, that he will not let up, and will set his GSU THUGS on the gangs, if the murder rate does not come down. It was apparent in his interview, that he intends WAR.

In that vein, the public are expecting a spate of extra-judicial killings by the state. Already one Michael Young ( nickname HAM ) a port town, Chinese store robber, part of a gang of 3 robbers was killed. Publicly the police are saying the Chinese store owner got lucky in an exchange of gunfire. Privately the mother of Michael Young, says he had too many bullet hits and his body was found a long, long way from the store. The killing shot was apparently either to the chest, or behind the ear on the head. The gossip was that the police found him in a vacant lot and arrested him, and he later was found dead in a far away location. Apparently he was a very strong man, able to travel such a distance with a bullet in his head?

SINGH and BARROW are more or less going the VIOLENT approach to gang murders is the impression I received from the TV talk interviews. Crispin Jefferies of retirement age, is administrating the ordinary police work and simply offers his rough opinions afer a career in Belize police work going back to colonial times. He is an admirable and knowledge, non political ACTING COMMISSIONER. I´m very impressed by his TV appearances on TALK SHOWS.

While the crime news can be disconcerting, Crispin Jeffries made the point that out of the whole society, the gangs and violence is just a small tiny percentage. There are many GOOD THINGS going on in the port town. A recent CARNIVAL, beauty contests, philharmonic type orchestras at the BLISS INSTITUTE, with surprisingly many young people playing instruments that take years of practice to get so good as they sounded and appeared. There are racing sailboat clubs, many sports and events and the life of the PORT TOWN is vibrant and fruitful. The life of the majority of the people seem very cultural and middle class.

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