Sunday, September 25, 2011

John Carr amateur scientist and successful farmer promotes GMO seed corn for Belize.

JOHN CARR famous local Belizean investor in various things, but mostly agriculture.

John is one of those successful types and part of the Belize Agriculture Report. He did a recent two bits worth of promotion for importing GMO seeds in Belize. John´s agriculture enterprises encompass millions of dollars each year. So his advice tends to be taken as de facto science, locally.

Each time John spouts off about GMO seeds, and writes on the subject, I go through the article with a fine tooth comb. Looking for the empirical science and statistics. All his stuff on GMO seeds is amateurish, OPINIONATED JUNK. No hard science in it. All subjective opinions, which disappoints me, because John is a reputable, successful and enlightened man. RICH too!

To buy John´s recent argument about importing GMO seeds, his argument is that because 80% of the farmers in the USA are growing GMO corn for instance, we should do so also in Belize. I don´t buy this argument at all. There are too many disaster stories of GMO failures around the world, which John conveniently doesn´t mention.
If you give credence to John´s argument, if THEY do it, WE should do it. Now what kind of ruddy argument is that? Let´s face it, 3 million heroin addicts in the USA use heroin, about 145 million people smoke marijuana, roughly 25 million use cocaine as a pleasure drug of choice and there are maybe 20 million CRACK addicts. So, if I buy John´s GMO corn argument, I guess we should be using more drugs in Belize for recreational and addictive pleasure? It´s the same argument!

John, LEMMINGS are known to follow the leader and jump off cliffs to their deaths in the millions. I believe SHEEP have the same tendency? You are going to have to come up with some good empirical science from around the world, on GMO seed testing, before anybody in Belize will believe you.

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