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*** Chief PIRATE of Belize, who expresses the intent to keep Belize as a colonial rule, political spoils system, while he is PRIME MINISTER. El Caudillo, or dictator in fact.

At a meeting of reminiscing of former and present Belize Prime Ministers. The current Prime Minister let the cat out of the bag. He thinks the pirate political system, called the winning political party, SPOILS SYSTEM, patterned after colonial rule, is the cat´s meow. That we will NEVER have a true participatory democracy in Belize. At least, while HE is PRIME MINISTER.



"Part of your thesis came up last night when Mr. Musa referred to the political polarization being one of the ingredients in the witches brew that has kept us divided and unable to unite and go forward as a nation state.

The current PM dismissed this view out of hand declaring that a a newbie PM, Tony Best made him see the light.

The new PM ( Tony Best ) was distraught as he put it, at the task of rewarding friends and punishing enemies. But according to his version, Mr. Best advised him to wake up and be real. The spoils systems is what makes the system work."

He was referring to the spoils system of Constitutional and legal controls, commonly used by ex-British Colonial Office people, in ex-African British colonies and also that of Belize, in Central America. There was no reference to the superior REPUBLIC political system NOW USED BY GUATEMALA our neighbor. Our own political parties in Belize, get to be five year dictators, above the law, free of fear themselves to take advantage of the tax revenues as they wish, and use the trappings of administrational institutions, regulations and laws to exploit the common voters. They steal and embezzle with impunity. The occasional scandal, but since there are no laws governing politicians, cannot be prosecuted. One ex Prime Minister at the conference of past and present Prime Ministers of Belize, is INFAMOUS for his view, that political scandals will pass over like a lee breeze.

Some changes needed, are;
a) the replacement of MINISTERS DISCRETION by well defined laws and regulations, controlled by financial and jail penalties.
b) Proportional Representation, to enable more of a debate and consensus arriving set of policies, to prevent the current system in which half the population are disenfranchised for five years.
c) An Elected Senate, to block one party, self serving, self enrichment and absolute power laws from being passed.
d) An Elected National Police Chief for 2 years by POPULAR VOTE. Also the same for TOWNS. Seperating the police from political party use and abuse. Returning that power to citizens at the national and local level by their votes.
e) An ELECTED by popular vote, Prime Minister, or failing that, an ELECTED PRESIDENT above the Prime Minister from a winning political party.
f) Need a recall law. A no confidence vote for Cabinet Ministers and political party in power, etc.

The list goes on, in Belize, but PARTICPATORY DEMOCRACY means CHECKS AND BALANCES, of which there are absolutely NONE in Belize at the moment. Belize is currently a DICTATORSHIP for five years, pure and simple.

Current Prime Minister Barrow of the UDP has stated his position quite openly. He is not going to change the PIRATE POLITICAL PARTY SPOILS SYSTEM he enjoys. This is a challenge to the many NGO´s and groups, to start a BELIZE SPRING, something similar to the non-violent ARAB SPRING revolutions going on right now in the public news.

From the debating Belize Culture listserve.

My vision is for the enactment of necessary laws and the repeal of certain outdated and draconian ones; and the commitment by all to support and work for the enforcement of our laws.

I want to begin with laws that will address conflict of interest and cronyism in government and business, political victimization, competition and discriminatory business practices, political funding, and proportional representation.

From: Trevor Vernon
To: Belize Culture List (original) ; Bz-Polisci Mailing List
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 10:51 AM
Subject: Bz-Culture: what is your vision for Belize? we need citizens to express themselves
We need a vision competition from all the lunatics now that we've heard what Mssrs Barrow, Musa and Esquivel's are.
I know what mine is and it naturally involves healthy reefs and healthy environment generally and not some pie in the sky daydream.

"Dean Barrow our dictator has drawn the line in the sand. NEXT, one can only wait and see if the port town groups can create a non violent, BELIZEAN SPRING. Who will head our TRANSITIONAL GOVERNING COUNCIL? This old man is too old, but there are very many patriotic types and organizations in Belize. Be very interesting to see IF THEY DO ANYTHING.

Britain has no constitution. This means that the government in Britain would have absolute power without the two houses. In Belize the government is SUPPOSED to be subject to the constitution.

From: [] On Behalf Of Ed Burke
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 6:24 PM
Subject: Re: Bz-Culture: Belize is a dictatorship and Barrow says he will continue such against opposition from the voting public.

In Britain, at any moment, the power can shift. Loose a vote of confidence? You are out. Then again I do not see the two houses in Belize. Britain has the house of Lords and the House of Commons. Checks and balances. Belize seems to have no check or balance. It looks like the party in power is totally in power. No check. They do what they want.

The Westminster system has worked reasonably well in Britain for hundreds of years. Why shouldn't it work in Belize? Is there something about Belizeans that means it can't work?

This message sent to the Bz-Culture Mailing List from Greg Zane :
It's really not necessary for Belize to abandon the Westminster form of government. It works as well, or badly, as any other. What would help would be a civil service system so that skilled technocrats, managers, and public sector workers retained their jobs regardless of political changes. It would depoliticize the public workforce and smooth operations of the various departments. Throw in an elected Senate and the end of Ministerial Discretion, and I'd think you'd have a pretty functional method of governance. Not really big or difficult reforms actually, but there would be lots of push back from politicians who like, and benefit, from the system as it exists.

I for one, would like to see more parties represented in the HOUSE, to change it from a RUBBER STAMP charade.

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