Tuesday, September 6, 2011



From the article, " Belize Sugar Industry Shakeup "

"The MEXICANS now modernizing the old Libertad Factory up in Orange Walk are interested in the BSI deal. The MEXICANS want to use the sugar and molasses to produce ETHANOL for the 100 million population MEXICAN MARKET. Local people, myself included decided that with the current laws of Belize, it would not be practical to produce ETHANOL under an interfering government system, that exploits permits and licenses to steal businesses, then the politicians give the new businesses, franchises, or permit to their relatives for a percentage cut off it. ( local controlling political corruption method with this colonial parliamentary model we use ) The Mexicans however can export their sugar across the border and process it into ETHANOL there, close by. One way to avoid Belize political shennanigans in business affairs. "

Interesting watching Indians of the Indian sub continent, the second most populous country in the world, LAMENT that their country INDIA will NEVER be a superpower. Due to the engrained corruption, at the bureaucratic, and political levels. Though the capacity is there for INDIA to be a superpower and indeed INDIA has the nucleur arsenal, in business, the businesses are manacled by the drawbacks of the inherited Colonial Parliamentary spoils system. We have this same system in Belize.

How to get rid of this cancer on the democracy of Belize? While there is much debate, the political parties remain fully committed to targeting political power as a self enrichment scheme, which is why they run for office as a CORRUPT MAFIA GANG of criminals, with oaths of allegience, accompanied by all those mafia ceremonial oaths, rules, trappings, when you joing one of the political parties.

The laws passed by political parties in Belize are self serving. Not for NATION BUILDING, or democratic intentions, business and GDP building. Why not an anti-nepotism law, that forbids other family members and relatives for taking government jobs, or more than one person from a family being employed in the same government department?
How about cancelling the law that does not allow elected representatives from crossing the aisle? This law serves only the political party, not the nation, or democracy. It is counter productive.
There are many existing counter productive laws on the books, done solely for political party gain and NOT about building a successful democratic nation with a high GDP.
Quote from Audrey Matura Shepherd, activist and would be builder of the Belizean democracy. "The worst enemies of the country and nation building appear to be the two major political parties, in it for their own self enrichment. The CORRUPTION in both parties is about inside tracks, for LOANS, LAND, SCHOLARSHIPS, GRANTS, JOBS, PERMITS, LICENSES, CONTRACTS, APPOINTMENTS AND THE LIST GOES ON."

The UDP so far are FAILING their ONE YEAR TEST to reform the political administration of Belize as a forward looking, business orientated democracy. Entering the last three weeks of this first quarter, of that year project, they - the UDP CABINET have so far, made no changes to BAD existing laws, nor created any NEW LAWS favoring a wider, more participatory, and FAIR democracy. The end of this month will see them lose 10 points from their report card APPROVAL RATING. Currently at a low of 33%. By the end of the year trial, you will REALLY KNOW the UDP; whether they are NATION BUILDERS, BUSINESS BUILDERS, interested in GDP growth, or just a bunch of OPPORTUNISTS and CRIMINALS with SELF INTEREST as their primary motive.

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