Friday, September 16, 2011

Belize to register CELL PHONES.

Belize to pass a LAW to register ALL cell phones.

Besides another tax raising gimmick, it will help surveillance police track criminals and find stolen cell phones. A common crime right now. Mind you, there was once upon a time, a law to license and register bicycles too. Not any more. One has to assume, the same reason why not, would be just as valid for cell phones. WASTE OF TIME, looks like?
If criminals can get firearms that cannot be traced back to them - why would it be any harder for them to get cell phones? This is one of the desperate ploys that authoritarian personalities come up with to make life more annoying for the law-abiding citizens but have no discernible effect on criminals.

Another contributed comment:
Nobody can get unregistered firearms legally - not just criminals. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong - there might be some ministerial discretion or other privilege for the members of the oligarchy I'm not aware of).

Nobody of a sound mind commits a crime using their own registered firearm either.
It also seems patently obvious that once it is a requirement that a phone and a sim card are registered no criminal (except, perhaps, for the 4% of exceptionally stupid ones who the law enforcement manages to convict) will use their own registered phone to conduct any criminal activity. They'll either whack someone over the head and steal their cell phone or use one purchased with false identity or through a strawman.

I predict that this silly venture will fail as a crime fighting measure, though as a means of control of the law-abiding citizens and ability to invade their privacy - it's priceless.



Tershia said...

Just another money grab from the law abiding population - like their guns that are illegal, criminals will not register their cell phones. This is a no-brainer.

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