Friday, September 23, 2011


44 RURAL COMMUNITIES TO GET ELECTRICITY SERVICE FROM NATIONALIZED BEL ( Political campaign promises, rhetoric, worth nothing! This promise has been made for 13 years without any changes. )

Electricity service to dozens of remote rural communities were denied by BEL under private ownership. Considered uneconomic by poverty, little attention was paid by profiteers to the fact, that historical precedent had showed electric service was the dynamic that caused remote communities to turn around and suddenly develop. My village of Caye Caulker was one such case, which I was personally aware of. Always even after giving electricity, the Electric company consistantly underestimated the demand and installed inadequate capability for electricity. Causing decades of delays in GDP growth.

**** Electric bills to be reduced MIDDLE OF NEXT YEAR 2012 ( JUNE 21, 2012 ) FOR NATIONAL ELECTION VOTES. *****

From El Caudillo´s Independence Day campaign speech.

"Accordingly, I also want to announce that by way of a European Union grant and the provision of counterpart funds by the Government of Belize, BEL will begin to provide electrification to 44 rural and peri-urban communities countrywide. Around two thousand new households will now be serviced in the outlying areas of Belmopan; in Benque and Succotz and Cayo South; in the Belize District at Hattieville and Rockstone Pond; in Orange Walk and Corozal; in Dangriga Town at Rivas Estate and Wagirale; and in the villages of Stann Creek West and Toledo East and West."

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