Friday, September 9, 2011

Can BELIZE civil service bureaucrats doing CLIMATE CHANGE do anything to help farmers?

*** Greenland habitability by VIKINGS and farms and world temperature cycles.

What they need to do, is research and advise us farmers, what the climate was like, a thousand years ago, when the world was a much warmer place than it is today. We have no knowledge of geological and weather cycles here in Belize, but with all the oil core drilling, there should be data someplace. This climate change guy, if it is a full time job, and not just one more hat, or title he is saddled with, could check the drillling core data with the geological department, and find out what the agriculture seeds and stuff and temperatures were like about a 1000 years ago, when the Norwegians were farming GREENLAND. Tell us what plants were growing here a 1000 years ago, please, when world temperatures were warmer than they are now? Belize has entered a 300 year cycle of increased warming, which should peak in the year 2161 and start declining again for another 150 years, before the world goes back to a colder phase cycle.

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September 08, 2011

Belize will have representation at an upcoming International Seminar on the Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change. An initial forum was held last week in Belmopan to discuss a regional effort to tackle this potentially devastating phenomenon. According to the regional liaison officer for the Central American Agriculture Council Leidi Urbina, the international seminar will take place on the last weekend of the month in Mexico City.

Leidi Urbina – Regional Liaison Officer
“Representing the Ministry of Agriculture we will have Mr. Andrew Harrison who is the Climate Change Focal Point within the Ministry and we will also have a researcher specifically dealing with agriculture research; that person has yet to be confirmed and I will also attend the seminar as the Central American Agriculture Council liaison officer here in Belize. This international seminar is intended to bring all the participants from the different countries involved in the program including all the Central American agriculture councils member countries plus Mexico and Columbia. What we are trying to do with this seminar is trying to create not just the national network but also the international network which has the main objective of forming one, the scientific technical network also capacity building in the adaptation of agriculture to climate change and the formation of a geographic information system in Belize as well as in the other countries.”

Urbina says Belize does not now have a policy in place; but work has begun to arrive at something that will guide Belize’s approach to the issue of Climate Change from an agriculture perspective. The inter governmental program for cooperation on climate change is an initiative that is being promoted by the Mexico office of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture.

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