Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Recently the MAYOR of BENQUE VIEJO on the Western Border, announced in a TV interview, that the town would be hosting entrepreneurial start up incubator businesses. He did not go into any detail. One wonders if he was referring to the FREE TRADE ZONE behind chain link fence, that seems to be already opening, with businesses by UDP political insiders, but there has been no advertising, or information yet to the general public.

The situation remains the same as small cottage industry, sized investors, wonder how to deal with the Guatemalan material supply problem, for Western based Belize manufacturing projects. HOW do you get your materials from Guatemala, without running the gauntlet of the beaucracy, to produce goods and then export them? If it costs too much, or takes too much time in man hours to deal with this problem, then it becomes unprofitable to start many labor producing and job creating enterprises. Better to relocate the business in GUATEMALA instead of Belize. Belize then loses jobs.

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