Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Belize Entrepeneurial training in GAMBLING skills.

*** Bob in Las Vegas.

GAMBLING as a small player´s entrepreneurial business in Belize. The EDUCATION is FREE on the internet! Beats a University degree.

A small shopkeeper in the port of Belize City, taught a whole generation of Belizeans, that GAMBLING is okay as a business career, or even as a one man small business. You really don´t need much capital. $2000 usa would start most people. The only thing, make sure it is money you can afford to lose and not borrowed loans. GREED is the worst enemy of a gambling career.

Belizean Bob Bounahra won 6th place so far in the World Poker Tournament against people from different countries. The Tournament was held in Las Vegas. His 6th place standing is worth $1,720,396. He competes again in November for the finals, the winner collecting $8.7 million before taxes.
Despite the local Council of Churches biased teachings, ( themselves con-men, racketeers and charlatans ) gambling properly done is a good career for some people. We are not talking throwing dice against an alley wall here, which is a GAME OF CHANCE, versus gambling. Gambling is a bit about some LUCK, but more about RISK CONTROL and being able to control your emotions, particularly GREED.

While BOB has made the sport of POKER prove itself on the world stage, and a local small town Belizean can compete in this INTERNATIONAL arena. There are at least a dozen and a half people gambling ( investing) also on the internet,when they buy stocks, bonds, or index options, currencies, FOREX, or commodity contracts,, around Belize. You cannot tell the future, but you can guess well, and then by controlling RISK and making sure your bets are controlled, and you don´t get GREEDY, you can make living and a career out of it. A new entrepreneur who takes two years to learn the trade in paper trading, can be making a $100,000 usa a year in five years.
A would be entrepreneur with $2000 usa in CASH, they can afford to lose, can start up their own home business. With Bob in POKER he has years of practise and time to develop his game properly. The same in what is euphimistically called INVESTING, ( another word for gambling ). There are today, dozens of FREE PAPER MONEY offerings by different BROKERAGES on the internet, around the world, willing to let you GAMBLE with their programs. Try OPTION HOUSE, or THINKORSWIM for example. You can bet on Citrus, Sugar, OIL, cattle, stocks, Belize Super Bonds, and the myriad niche gambling markets are legion. There are hundreds of them. It takes about two years to become an instinctive learned gambler. Do it with the free funny money programs on the internet. You will know when you are ready to invest that $2000 stake. Most ordinary fishermen in Belize, or farmer have more money invested in their private business venture. GAMBLING by buying and selling contracts is no different. It just takes TIME to practice, like any violin player. I notice we now have a dozen orchestra VIOLIN PLAYERS IN BELIZE. I saw them playing on TV in the Bliss Institute. Practice is what makes a player, whether of poker, the violin, the piccolo, or stocks and index options.
Myself, I gamble with index options. The specialized jargon and contract rules and terminology takes a bit of learning. You are not going to learn to gamble in less than six months. Most people to gamble successfully dedicate themselves for at least two years. It is just like going to College to get an academic degree. The difference is people using financial gambling, can become a millionaire in five years, while Bob took a lot of years, and is now a millionaire, but is going to be a MULTI MILLIONAIRE maybe in November, when he put his practice to the real thing.
For a country with no jobs for our academic types, gambling only requires a computer and the internet connection. Bob has proved to all and sundry in Belize, gambling pays, you just need the practice and you do not have to pay a University tuition to learn. You only need discipline and a curious mind.

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