Friday, December 2, 2011


The SWEET Pepper sauce that won the International prize.

This is Frances and Skippy Fuller's daughter.
Congratulations to her - the products are great.
Love her manganera sauce on everything. Claude
enjoys her barbecue sauce.
Hugs, P

Hot Mama’s wins scorching award
Dec 1, 2011
Hot Mama’s wins scorching award

For most Belizeans, no meal is complete if it’s not topped with hot sauce and luckily, there are several local brands to choose from. But one has bragging rights for winning first place and taking the gold in the condiments category of the first annual Gourmet Products Awards. Hot Mama’s Pepper Sauce earned international recognition for its Sweet Pepper Sauce at the award ceremony, which was recently held in Los Angeles. According to a release from Hot Mama’s, the Gourmet Products Awards recognizes companies, products and services that stand out in quality, innovation and special merit. There are forty-three categories including condiments, confections, dairy, oils, baby products, beverages and snacks. Hot Mama’s Belize operates out of Unitedville, Cayo and has been producing hot sauces for over eight years.

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