Sunday, December 4, 2011



In the REPORTER NEWSPAPER, NERI BRICENO has been writing articles for some time. Sad to say, she or he, is saying FAREWELL to Belize in this weekend´s newspaper. Her, or his story is that she or he, has been unemployed for three years. As a BRICENO of the opposite political camp from the current UDP administration, she, or he, apparently cannot get a salaried job with the government.
I feel for Neri, but there is something wrong here with both his education and attitude to my way of thinking. I had four daughters born on Caye Caulker. All are in their middle forties now, with grown children who are adults themselves now. NONE of them, EVER desired, or tried to get a salaried job with the government of the day. To leave Belize because you could not get a salaried job boggles my mind.
There is something seriously wrong, with an academic education, that limits you to think in terms of a salaried job, as the end all, to an existence in Belize, or elsewhere.
There are oodles, thousands of opportunities in Belize. We were just talking on the Belize Culture Listserve of one such opportunity. Making German Cuckoo clocks. You can buy the machinery ready made and you make the clock box to suit. From Belize you could make on your kitchen table a PARROT CLOCK to be sold over the internet on EBAY. I have one daughter that has sold old used Belize License plates for collectors on EBAY. Another sale is paper money, though she charged the USA value for Belize value currency, as her profit. We are just exploring making and selling hammocks from Belize. A gringo in the MACAL RIVER MARKET is making coconut leaf hats and selling them like hot johnny cakes yesterday morning.
So many like Neri Briceno seem so lost, with an academic education and no smarts to be an entrepreneur. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM?

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