Thursday, August 30, 2012



  The first TV interview with Mark Espat the team leader was pretty much uninformative.  Nothing happened. Both BOND HOLDERS AND THE GOB are set in concrete, it looks like.  I don't see any resolution happening, so it is very likely to be a serious DEFAULT and after that the LITIGATION PHASE in the USA, in which all Belize Government assets will be either seized, or sold, or auctioned off.  Or GOB cash reserves will be locked up for FUTURE INTEREST PAYMENTS.  About $400 million usa I theenk?
  I was very interested on the touted visit on local media, that said Mark and the team were going to the USA TREASURY DEPARTMENT, to see what if any, EVIDENCE they had of JOHN ZABANEH in the last 15 years.  John denies any!  However, the TV show that interviewed Embassaor Mark Espat, did not tackle that subject, so we are still in the dark.  It may be, they never did the trip to the USA Treasury?

  John Zabaneh was seeking answers to any charges they are claiming against him for the past 15 years.  He says there can be none.  He asked if the US Embassy would help him talk with the USA Treasury about this KING PIN ACT.  They said sure; come on in and we'll talk. Will arrange a dialogue. Think it was the US Embassy State Department guy, on TV?  Should have been a politician for use of DOUBLESPEAK,.  So John made the trip it was reported on TV and the shown TV clip from the State Department guy speaking, who turned out to be technically correct, but practical BULL MANURE!  The TV reported they only gave him the postal address, for the US Treasury out of the phone book from the Embassy library.  I would imagine that cost JOHN $70 in travel expenses there and back, plus lost wages of $400 for the day.  He could have got that off the internet.  I would have been pissed off for sure, in a similar situation.  The STATE DEPARTMENT guy at the USA EMBASSY says the US TREASURY in his opinion would have evidence of wrong doing.  What a bunch of crap, when unqualified bureaucrats in Belize government, or US government start covering each other's asses, with nonsense and double speak. Protecting their turf and bureaucratic fiefdoms.

  John needs to copy Lord Ashcroft.  He could open some HOLDING COMPANIES, OR TRUSTS in Honduras, Salvador, or Guatemala.  Lawyer handle the details.  Country small town lawyers are cheap and they issue ANONYMOUS SHARE CERTIFICATES AND OPEN BANK ACCOUNTS. Could use BEARER BONDS.  Lord Ashcroft favors, Bermuda, Channel Islands, Virgin Islands, Belize and Turks an Caicos.  Then Lord Ashcroft a billionaire, has his own jet plane.  John would have to take the bus.  Cheap enough, but costly in days traveling. So local Central American countries to provide SHELL COMPANIES for his banana business would be in order and bank accounts in different countries, outside of the OECD for financial transactions. Not too complicated, just a nuisance.

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