Friday, August 10, 2012

No protection for the Zabaneh's from the Belize government.

ZABENA family,  Tony and Dion ( name not sure ) particularly, have had US accounts seized by USA Treasury Department.  A third person was named, but nobody knows who this person is, either in Stann Creek District, or by our government.  Sounds like an overzealous USA Treasury bureaucracy?

  The claim is they are part of an intransit drug smuggling route to the USA from South America.  No proof has been given, and no attempts to take them to court in Belize for any such criminal allegations.

  Belize Bank has refused to release payroll funds for 740 persons, over $200,000 working the banana business, for supply to Europe, this week.  The belief is that the two Zabeneh's will have their businesses ruined.  Other relatives not particularly connected with the Zabeneh's are also being victimized by the USA Treasury department.  There has been no case for extradition, says the US Embassy in a TV interview. The banana business exports grosses between $25 and $50 million a year. Local government taxes paid run around $2 to 3 million.

  The Financial Unit in Belize in a belated copy cat maneuver has jumped on the USA bandwagon, without any case, claims, evidence, charges, or anything else that might be defended in a court of law within Belize and ordered blocking of all accounts for the Zabaneh's and all their related extended family individuals, brothers, sisters, sons and cousins going out to several generations and four or five cousins level.  Local banks with associate bank accounts in the USA are vulnerable if they do business with the Zabaneh extended family clan.

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