Friday, August 24, 2012



  The winner, a born in Belize Spanish girl, was denied the crown by organizers ( probably CREOLE? ) because her parents were immigrants to Belize.  Social media is alive with the racism COMMENTS.

  If you have ever had to go to Belmopan the capital of Belize and been served by civil servants who belong to the most dominant ethnic CREOLE class in Belize and felt you were being slighted with racism.  Your instincts are probably good.  RACISM has been alive and well in Belize, since the 1970's, led by EVAN HYDE, the multi-millionaire capitalist, CREOLE publisher editor, of a family EMPIRE of newspapers, radio and television.  He alone created racism in Belize and British Honduras the colony, BEFORE independence, and destroyed the aspirations and goals of three generations of his young fellow CREOLES during their young formative years. He brought back from his studies to the USA, the BLACK PANTHER era of USA racism, to the British Colony that had none. We are paying for that today with HIGH CRIME rates in the port city.  The voting setup of the British, piratical political spoils system, encouraged that, and subsequent pre-independence and immediate post independence mass media publicity and brainwashing, pretty much destroyed the possible future aspirations of three generations of CREOLES.  Today, they the CREOLES still control and run the government of Belize and the capital of the nation BELMOPAN through their control of the finances of the country, and choice civil service jobs.

   You most feel it, if you are A BELIZEAN CAUCASIAN, A BELIZEAN MENNONITE, OR A BELIZEAN CHINESE, OR A BELIZEAN MESTIZO, such as the current winner of the QUEEN OF THE BAY BEAUTY PAGEANT in Belmopan, controlled by those same ethnic CREOLE national capital class.  Never mind that the girl's ethnic Spanish class were at the Battle of St. Georges Caye, but on the losing side.

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