Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sinola Cartel and Gusman, bullshit from US Treasury in Belize

  We the public are waiting to hear what some administrative incompetent in the US TREASURY department has had to say from our investigative government charter team that went to the USA.  Among their assignments is to find out, what they have against John Zabaneh, by the USA Treasury and the subsequent millions of dollars of damage and destruction they have done to the Stann Creek Valley banana industry.
  By applying the KING PIN ACT and accusing John of being a big wig in the Sonola CARTEL of Los Angelus and Tuscon in the States, that cut off all bank deals not only to John, but to all his extended family clan businesses.  If they had reason, it will be interesting to hear what it is?
  If you do the arithmetic, this mysterious guy GUSMAN, WANTED by the DEA and other agencies of the USA; who they say runs this cross border cartel up North, would have been a toddler.  Or in tiny children's pre-school at the time they are quoting; when they talk about John Zabeneh here in Belize, back in the 1980's or 1970's,  the released stories by the US Treasury do not gybe with the facts.  So, John is asking them to prove he had any drug deals with anybody in the last 15 years or so.
  The street talk in Belize is that the nephew of JOHN, a much younger guy, MIGHT possibly be involved in some enroute smuggling, but John himself says he hasn't seen or spoke to him for a number of years.  Doesn't know where he is?  Which said street talk, assumes he is either DEAD, or in jail in the USA system.  If the US TREASURY are making noises and doing the KING PIN ACT based on what they have publicized, going back to the 1970's or 80's, then this GUSMAN character they refer to, must have been a tiny child at the time.  The whole made up story sounds ridiculous.  Speculation here, it is some incompetent administrative bigwig in the US Treasury, trying to make points to justify his job, big salary,  and his budget.  An abuse of the KING PIN ACT.  Certainly the released information so far, for this KING PIN ACT is not based on any FACTS, that anybody in Belize knows about?  We are all looking forward to the revelation our investigative team from our Belize government brings back.  If there are no prosecutable offenses, then it is so much hot air, bombast, lies, and horse manure, done by some incompetent administrator in the US Treasury for his own reasons.
  The public here, feels there is a possibility, the nephew of John Zabaneh named as an associate, who has disappeared for some years, if involved, and might be in the USA jail system, and could be up for parole and is being leaned on by the DEA,  to come up with something to nail John Zabaneh, or anybody else to get his freedom.  This is just wild guesses here.  NOBODY KNOWS!  Personally, what I think, is some US Treasury administrator thought he could make inter bureaucratic points in one upmanship, by going after a remote, tiny country like Belize, who has no resources financially, and no comeback to the bureaucratic status of big shots in the US Treasury.  What I think, is if our investigative team cannot come back with prosecutable facts to make a case against John in the last 15 years, the guy should lose his job and go into retirement.  I saw enough of this bureaucratic disinformation for personal advancement, in Florida International University, and Miami Dade Community College during my years in Florida.  Believe me, it is all crapola and if they can't come up with FACTS, the guy should be fired.  If our investigative team so informs our Prime Minister, it would be time for a personal call to President Obama from our Prime Minister, Barrow, who danced with each other's wives during Caricom HEADS OF STATE MEETINGS some years ago. Time to show no tolerance for administrative imaginative abuse of other people and other countries economies.  We don't tolerate it in Belize, and damned if we are going to tolerate from some guy in the US Treasury.  We await the evidence to take John to court, or something over the last 15 years.  If you go back to the 1970's and 80's, HELL you would have to lock up 75% of the population of Belize in that era. Plus a third of the CIA working in Central America, running cocaine to the USA from South America.
  Going to be interesting to hear on TV, what Mark Espat and his investigative team bring back from the US Treasury is announced the end of this week.

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