Saturday, August 11, 2012


The Financial Intelligence Unit of Belize are investigating the USA TREASURY, FOR POSSIBLE MISUSE OF KINGPIN DRUG ACT.

  The hit to the Belize economy will be more than a 100 million dollars, because of the USA Treasury naming suspected persons in Belize, alleged to be KING PINS IN THE SINOLA CARTEL. The domino effect of seizing US bank accounts of legitimate companies in Belize and apparently some sort of rules, that also penalize any local bank dealing with those so named, as KINGPINS; is destroying the Maya Farm banana producing business.
  Nobody in Belize knows anything, or anybody with the USA Cartels, run in Las Angelus and Arizona of the USA mafia crime families. So far, three characters, two of which, are locally, famous business men of sterling character and many innocent hardworking, entrepreneurial  extended family members have been effected.  Two of them are known as producers of huge amounts of bananas, for the European Union market.  With gross crop receipts in access of $25 million dollars.
  Of three persons named, two are well known businessmen, important to the export economy of Belize with the European Union.  The third person named, apparently does not exist in Belize and so far, no amount of checking can find anybody with that name here.  Showing the US TREASURY is dealing with erroneous rumor, allegations and fantasy by bureaucrats in the USA agencies, looking to justify their jobs and work, by making up stories based on jealousy, rumor and wild theories.
  No one doubts there are USA drug smugglers using Belize, as an enroute place to store drugs going from South America to the USA.  Such knowledge that is public knowledge to the media and police have shown that any local participation are bit players in the grander scheme of any USA mafia smuggling networks through the Americas, to the raging markets in the USA, for illegal drugs.  The smuggling stops in Belize seem unconnected and jump from group to group, while those involved are ever changing, as new arrangements are made by new players.  Local participation may be boat unloading, plane unloading and storage in remote Belize areas, while the next leg through Mexico to the USA is arranged and scheduled by USA smugglers. Local proceeds are probably not more than $200, to $10,000 for unloading, hiding and storing of USA drug drops. So to identify a 100 kilo shipment of cocaine handlers as KING PINS, is a vast stretch of some USA bureaucratic imagination.  They are usually ordinary working people, such as police, military and others in the port city crime underworld, seduced by some quick easy money, to add to their low paychecks.
  Never heard of the Sinola Cartel, but reading up on it, seems it is a USA, American/Mexican drug distribution network in Arizona and California.
  The earlier tv news announcement by PLUS TV about the Financial Intelligence Unit in Belize blocking bank accounts has been denied by the FIU.  The FIU are seeking hard evidence from the USA TREASURY DEPARTMENT to back up the actions of the US government bureaucrats.  If any, is coming, then local authorities will prosecute on the local scene.  It is very unlikely the USA Treasury has anything, other than second and third hand gossip, rumor, jealousy, and other allegations to back up their action.  We in Belize wait and see.  The spinoff from this unprecedented action is going to destroy the agriculture economy of the Stann Creek Valley in Belize and undoubtedly will hit next years government budget to the tune of $200 million in side effects, about a quarter of the budget of tiny Belize.  If the US TREASURY cannot produce any hard evidence for this action, there are going to be some very angry people in Belize, with the USA government.  The USA Embassy was ignorant of everything they said, in a news announcement.


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