Wednesday, August 22, 2012



  So humans have finally found GOD.  The real GOD!  Not the imaginary myths of God, used by generations of humans through thousands of man made religions.
  We actually haven’t seen GOD yet.   We just know that GOD is a partical.  In physics, this minute invisible particle is called the HIGGS BOSUN partical.  After the physicist that postulated it was there. We can see the GOD PARTICAL create the Universe in the CERN machine in Europe.  We know and trace the movements of the GOD particle.  At least in some of the movements and the effect it has on other particles, which echo down like ripples through TIME and GRAVITY itself.
  Interestingly enough, there is only one subsequent desire of the GOD PARTICLE and that is to SURVIVE and REPRODUCE.  There are no other commandments.  All else is false.
  We also now know, there is no HEAVEN, or HELL,  nor a SOUL.  The GOD PARTICLE does not look like humans, and all those mullahs, prophets, priests, pastors, are nothing more than human manifestations of charlatans, con men, seeking riches and political power over other humans, using intimidation, fear, war, blarney, lies, imagination, religious fiction books, and brainwashing to influence other humans.  They are nothing but criminals.
  There is a life after death, but actually that life occurs most often while you are still alive, when you pass your successful survival skills through your genes in the birth of a new child.  After you are brain dead, that particular entity is OVER.  Your materials return to start new life in other organic means after they rot and feed the worms.  The EGO only goes on through genetic inheritance and environmental upbringing.
  That said; physics does allow us to change our future while this ego and body is alive.  It used to be done through bead counting, reciting boring mantras, contemplating your navel, prayer and such.  You need to get your meditating mental state, so that your two brain halves are in tune at the same frequency.  We now know from electronic machines, this is the ALPHA BRAINWAVE tuning state and you can buy a CD player and Alpha brainwave CD and learn to do it, in an hour.  Much faster and better than the old ways before electronic aids.  Visualization techniques allow us to communicate with whatever GREAT SPIRIT, or physics realms outside our coarse mental senses, and the secret is to release the desires and wishes and goals so named, to unknown physics by a visualization technique in an ALPHA MENTAL STATE.  Once you release these wishes, unknown physics at levels of the HIGGS BOSUN, GOD PARTICAL, on the other side, try to accommodate the mental will and organize your life and associated events to suit your goals, for a particular purpose.


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