Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Central Bank projecting 2% GDP going forward versus negative GDP scenario.

PROJECTING 2% GDP going forward by Central Bank seems ridiculous.  Am looking for NEGATIVE GDP within this UDP TERM OF OFFICE.

  While agriculture exports are increasing and we are doing well with food sufficiency.  Agriculture exports cannot generate sufficient tax revenues to maintain a 2% GDP rate, as the oil exports drop and the Banana Industry collapses, due to the warfare being conducted by the USA Government through their US TREASURY, KING PIN ACT ABUSES on the tiny Belize economy.

  Agriculture, even as it expands, will simply not supply the taxes needed to support the current levels of the cost of the Government of Belize.  The only thing that would do that, is exports from manufacturing.  So far, the bureaucracy and the politicians have shown no understanding, or comprehension how to make that happen?  Lots of talk and academic HYPE, but no meat in the bun, so to speak.  The blind leading the blind.  The other problem with Agriculture expansion, is that the land is pretty much all used up and in service.  Perhaps if the Chiquibul and Colombia Reserves down south were opened up to Agriculture, SOME small growth in agriculture exports could occur, but the ability to do so, is limited by the size of the remaining available lands in Belize for agriculture.  We haven't quite maxed out our agriculture land resources yet, but we are not far from it.  Even at three crops per year.  THE TAXES PRODUCED FROM EXPANDED AGRICULTURE ARE NOT ENOUGH TO SUPPORT THE BUREAUCRACY AND POLITICAL SETUP, WE CURRENTLY HOLD.  The country needs a business paradigm shift.

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