Monday, August 20, 2012



   Most local markets have a herbal healer and seller of different kinds of roots and various cures for those seeking the naturalist route.

  For us in the WEST, we make the long trip to SPANISH LOOKOUT country, to the HEALTH FOOD STORE there, that sells a lot of imported types of herbal remedies and accessories.  I get my CUCUMIN there.

  Up North, imported HEMP OIL from the USA is available from an importer in Chunox.  It is used to stop insect bites.  Been trying to find locally BREWERS YEAST which when included in a pet's meal stops fleas and garapatas, but so far only baking type yeast is available in local supermarkets.  You can't make hemp oil legally in Belize, you have to import it; as if you got caught with the hemp plant while extracting the oil, you would have the POLICE down on you and fining you big time.  Local HEMP LAWS ARE FEUDAL and amateurish in nature.

  There is also a MENNONITE WOMAN famous healer up North near CHUNOX, that has herbal remedies to soften gall bladder and kidney stones.  Does blood cleaning in general and is reported by some patients to have cured their AIDS and also CANCERS.  Treatments are with raw vegetables and other plants and other blood cleansing treatments.  The CANCER treatment takes three weeks.  Good reports and references coming out from her clinic.

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