Monday, August 20, 2012

CANCER TUMOR CURES from Belize. Curse the government of Belize.

Tumor around Ray's lymph gland node on the neck. After two years, lots of pain, wasted money on modern medicine and tests. A HOMEOPATHIC clinic, two doctors in Guatemala city diagnosed me with a tumor or ganglion. Big swelling on side of neck and said there was no cure, or surgery possible. ONLINE research said homeopathic taking of YELLOW GINGER, CINAMMON and Curcumin, would get rid of the big hard nodule tumor in six months. Twice a day, I take these spices and after 2.5 weeks, it is visibly shrinking and am reasonably pain free at a growing length of 4 days at a stretch now. I need to put this stuff in a pill and sell it.
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    • Wendy Auxillou Good to hear that. Record your experiences and maybe you WILL be able to sell it. Glad to hear you are feeling better.
      If I could get HEMP OIL locally, would try that too. It is recommended for cancer tumors. I curse our Belize government, that makes herbal medicine illegal, in this case.  Bunch of blithering academic parasitical idiots.

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